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Job Description: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

The role of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at BAYADA Home Health Care is ideal for a healthcare professional who is committed to ensuring patients' comfort, safety and overall well-being...

Key Responsibilities:
• Under the watchful eye of RNs and physicians, LPNs attend to patients needs directly. This can entail dispensing medication, replacing bandages, checking vital signs, and assisting with everyday activities like washing and feeding.
• Patient monitoring and reporting is a vital task that requires LPNs to be diligent in their work. They must observe their patients closely and ensure that every detail is recorded and reported accurately.
• Patient Empowerment: By educating patients and their families on their health concerns and care protocols, LPNs help patients feel confident and empowered in managing their health. LPNs play a significant part in guaranteeing that patients have a thorough understanding of their health issues and the necessary care measures.
• The success of LPNs in providing complete care to patients heavily relies on collaboration with other healthcare professionals such as registered nurses, physicians, and therapists. Effective communication and teamwork form the basis of this collaboration.
• Maintaining accurate patient records is an important task for LPNs. This involves recording details about medication administration, treatments received, and observations made about the patient's condition.
• Meeting safety requirements, adhering to infection control procedures and complying with regulatory standards are all essential parts of LPNs duties to ensure a safe and clean environment for patients and staff.

• Operating as a professional nurse in the United States necessitates the possession of an active and up-to-date nursing license.
• Fulfilment of a licensed nursing program

• One-on-one care can be offered in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, care facilities, and home-based care programs, to ensure that patients receive quality healthcare services regardless of their location
• You can choose a schedule that works best for you and your lifestyle
• Weekly pay
• All employees, even those on a PRN basis, will now be covered for preventive care to maintain and enhance their health and safety in the workplace
• We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we make an effort to assign cases that are just a short distance away from you
• Employees who have access to medical, dental, and vision benefits may be more likely to seek preventative care, which can lead to better overall health outcomes
• Company-paid life insurance
• Employee Assistance Program
• 401K
• Staying informed about industry trends and staying ahead of the curve can give employees a competitive edge and increase their chances of advancement

How we prepare our Nurses for success :
• The company provides a comprehensive training program that covers various learning approaches such as in-person, remote, and virtual instructions to new hires from day one
• Refine your abilities in adult and pediatric care with cutting-edge Simulation lab technology
• You can rest easy knowing that our clinical team is available around the clock
• Through AlayaCare's electronic charting system, healthcare providers can identify trends and patterns to improve patient care and outcomes. It helps in making more informed clinical decisions based on patient data

We recognize the importance of constant upgrading of skills, which is why we offer paid training to our nurses.

Available Shifts:
• Whether you work in the morning, evening or overnight, it is crucial to ensure that you are meeting your job requirements
• Full Shift Work: Choosing Between 8, 10, or 12-Hour Schedules
• Individuals who prefer flexibility may find PRN or part-time work more appealing
• Free from any compulsion of weekends or minimum obligation

A healthcare career that is both rewarding and satisfying awaits dedicated and empathetic Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)s looking to make a difference.

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Hendersonville NC United States


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