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  • 1 week ago

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The American Postal Service is an undertaking that ensures employees have jobs for life. As the federal government’s largest employer, there are many entry level positions available that do not require experience, such as Postal Sortation Clerk. The company takes great pride in offering quality training and benefit programs to ensure your career advancement is assured.

USPS Postal Sortation... Clerk(United States Postal Service) plays a very important role here since it has several different responsibilities. You help them perform their daily duties at USPS such as selling stamps, collecting mails; sorting, distribution etc.; general mailing needs like filling change of addresses forms, managing mail holds or giving post office box service to customers who need them amongst other things. Not only does this position contribute towards making USP run better but also offers good opportunities for job growth within the firm since one can go up through various levels of hierarchy in this vibrant postal services industry

Position Details:
• In today’s labor market, there are plenty of jobs available
• Fresh workers can earn a minimum wage amounting to $23.47 per hour and may rise up to $38.62 depending on their performance.
• This job comes with additional benefits that complement its annual salary of 72,400 dollars
• USPS provides life insurance policies for its workers so that they can be sure about taking care of their families if something unfortunate happens to them.

At USPS you will find a thrilling and rewarding career where you can grow as well as face new challenges every day. This makes the post office an exceptional employer due to its competitive wagaes, great job benefits packages and room for promotion and employment security.

There are certain requirements which one must meet before submitting his/her application form. These include; being at least 18years old and a citizen of the United States.

Postal Sortation Clerks should keep themselves informed on Postal Service regulations changes in order not to break the law:
• Sale Of Stamps
• Creating efficient processes for handling mail could result in quicker dispatch of letters and more cost effective operations
• The administrative duties often demand that one multi-task.
• Assisting customers with everyday errands at the post office such as updating their address or asking for a mail hold.

About USPS: This is one of many organizations founded two hundred years ago that today, it still remains America’s largest employer having almost a million employees. USPS operates 30,000+ post offices throughout US territories dispatching six hundred million pieces annually to 142 million destinations; this is the world's biggest posting company with over 200,000 fleets. They are an equal opportunity employer offering good wages, benefits package, chances for career growth plus job security too. Keep in mind when applying through them that Labor Services does help people find jobs but they are not associated with United States Postal Service directly. Join us at this great organization today
Morganville NJ United States


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