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Purpose And Scope:

Following all regulatory and FMS policy requirements is a crucial aspect of adherence to the FMCNA Compliance Program...

Principal Duties And Responsibilities:

The Functions of the Military RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge):
• Offer regular guidance and direction to direct patient care RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge), providing feedback on an informal basis and input for annual performance evaluations. Contribute to RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge)ing decisions and recommend disciplinary action in consultation with the Clinical Manager.
• Proper compliance measures must be in place to ensure adherence to approved company and facility procedures and policies and state and federal regulations when handling clinics with over 100 patients.
• The assistant must ensure that when evaluating any modifications to personnel or time schedules in the Clinical Manager's absence, all applicable regulations governing the documentation of work hours of all assigned shift RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge)ers are duly considered.
• Be part of the team during patient care plan meetings.
• Ensure that you are well-versed in the principles and techniques of dialysis by attending all in-service trainings.
• Administer RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge) orientation and training if required.
• Continuously oversee and instruct care providers to ensure patient care is carried out appropriately and according to facility procedures.
• Foster adherence to OSHA regulations for the maintenance of a safe and sanitary workplace.
• Preserve safe, efficient, and effective shift operation throughout the entire period.
• Hold meetings with Clinical Manager and patient care RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge) at least once a month or as necessary to ensure that the RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge) is informed about changes in patient care needs or operations, aiming to improve the delivery of care.
• Hold regular meetings with the Clinical Manager to talk about personnel and patient care updates, concerns, and details.
• Monitor the documentation of patient information by the healthcare RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge).
• Ensure that the nursing RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge) adheres to regulatory and organizational guidelines and policies while delivering patient care:
• Determine the patient's care necessities on a regular basis and allocate appropriate care tasks amongst the healthcare team members.
• Carry the burden of leadership in an unforeseen event.
• Evaluate patient needs, exhibit attentiveness during dialysis treatments, and communicate any concerns to the rounding physician. Implement modifications in the patient's treatment protocol as directed.
• Keep a close eye on and supervise all patient care procedures during dialysis while offering necessary assistance.
• Advocate for patient-centered care and contribute to the decision-making process.
• Adequate monitoring of patients during dialysis is necessary in order to anticipate and address any potential issues or complications.
• The healthcare provider should always administer medication to patients in accordance with the physician's orders to ensure safe and effective treatment.
• Empower team members by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to succeed.
• Supervise and partake in the completion of adaptive care plans for immediate and future use.
• Implement facility protocols when admitting new patients.
• Emphasize the importance of educating patients by providing information about End Stage Renal Disease, dialysis therapy, medication, and nutrition, while also addressing the needs of their families.

• Oversee the cautious and efficient usage of tools and machinery involved in direct patient management.
• Proficiently handle all emergency equipment and devices during dialysis procedures as required.
• Check off each item on the start-up and shut-down checklist, ensuring that all steps have been properly completed and recorded.
• The comprehensive nurse's technical training program has been structured to meet the requirements of rigorous licensing and certification exam standards.

• Collaborate with the Clinical Manager by helping with customized projects or other assignments
• Take part in interviews designed to evaluate potential candidates for direct patient care positions.
• Reduce the Use of Single-Use Medical Supplies.
• Ensure your attendance and active participation in the monthly Quality Assurance meetings to maintain high standards.
• Additional tasks may be mandated by the employer depending on the requirements of the organization.

• Effective communication between internal contacts, including patient care RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge), facility support RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge), and management teams, is crucial for the smooth functioning of the healthcare facility
• Back-up hospitals are critical to have on standby, should a patient require a level of care beyond the current facility's capability

Beyond the core responsibilities, there may be a need to concentrate on particular departments or establishments. Refer to the relevant addendum to learn more about job functions specific to a particular department or location.

This job description outlines a range of tasks that serve as examples of the work that may be required. The absence of explicit duties does not mean they are not part of the job if they are logically connected or similar to the position.

Physical Demands And Working Conditions:
• The candidate must have an in-depth understanding of the specific tools, technologies, and procedures required to perform the job duties assigned. Proficiency in computer applications or software relevant to the job is essential.
• Applicants must undergo the Ishihara color vision test as part of their eligibility requirements. Remember that not succeeding in this exam does not necessarily mean a person will not be hired. The company will take measures to explore reasonable accommodations.
• Work on a daily basis may entail completing tasks on a personal computer, as well as interacting and collaborating with patients, medical RN Medical - Dialysis (Charge), and other facility workers.
• The role involves traveling to designated establishments and different locations within the community. Participation in regional and Corporate meetings may be essential.
• The physical environment of a healthcare building is set up to regulate the temperature and noise level to benefit its workers. Despite this, there is still a possibility of encountering contagious materials or illnesses.

• Workers who provide hands-on care to patients, as well as the ward clerk assigned to their division.

• Becoming an R.N. requires a solid educational foundation in nursing practice, clinical skills, and theoretical knowledge
• Professionals are required to maintain appropriate state licensure in order to remain eligible to work within their field of expertise.

Experience And Required Skills:
• This position requires a minimum of 9 months working as a nurse, combined with 3 months working within a clinical environment focused on dialysis
• In the event of the Clinical Manager being absent, RN charge nurses are tasked with the responsibility of nursing and patient services; hence, they must have obtained one year of clinical experience and six months of dialysis experience.
• Candidates with a background in management or supervision are strongly preferred.
• Fulfill the requirements of a hemodialysis training course to acquire the knowledge and practical skills needed for certification.
• Adept in presenting ideas via spoken and written language.
• Conformity with state prerequisites (if needed) is vital.

EO/AA Employer:

Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

In line with federal and state laws, Fresenius Medical Care North America implements policies for a drug-free workspace

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Bensenville IL United States


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