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  • 1 week ago

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Now is the time to push your professional development and achieve your career goals with the hiring of a Mail Clerk at USPS.

We are offering employment opportunities around the country in the nation’s largest federal employer which hires nearly one million workers. The inclusive training by USPS ensures that even newbies who don’t have any experience can easily adapt to their new role...

The position of Mail Clerk in USPS comes with health care, retirement benefits and opportunities for career growth among other things. Postal clerks can be promoted within the organization to higher positions where they receive higher salaries, take up more complex duties and contribute further towards success of USPS.

Details of Position:

There are many different types of jobs available
• Initial hourly salary ranges from $23.47-$38.62
• $72,400 salary plus full benefits package is industry norm

Benefits: Paid holidays, sick leave, pay during festive breaks, medical insurance coverage life insurance plan along with pension scheme.

Also when times are hard economically having job safety brings relief as it guarantees that you will continue being employed while others lose their jobs due to retrenchments or business closures during recession periods especially if there is no alternative source income available elsewhere at present moment; so this means people can rest easy knowing they have somewhere steady where they work till retirement age if desired without fear about tomorrow always.

USPS operates mail distribution hubs, postal service locations and retail stores throughout the United States. As an equal opportunity employer (EOE), we offer various positions ranging from entry level to management roles with competitive salaries, good working conditions, promotion prospects and job security within our vast organization that employs almost one million people nationwide.

Applicants must meet certain requirements such as being at least 18 years old and US citizenship status among others before being considered eligible for filling these vacancies.

The Mail Clerk must follow strict deadlines as well as delivery schedules for ensuring mails are delivered on time:
• Selling stamps
• To avoid losing any mail item setting up a tracking system that can tell you where any mail item is at any given moment
• Sorting and distributing mail has been done for centuries but it has changed significantly over the years due to improved technology which has made automation possible
• Performing various types of clerical duties
• Offering expert advice to individuals on matters related to mailing like registering a business or getting a mailbox.

About USPS: Established more than 200 years ago, United States Postal Service is the largest agency in terms of number of employees with almost 1 million workers. With more than 30,000 post office locations nationwide and over 600 million pieces delivered annually to 142 million delivery points; USPS boasts of having the world’s biggest fleet consisting over two hundred thousand vehicles. Being an equal opportunity employer (EOE), USPS pays well, offers good benefits, allows career progression and provides job security for its employees. Note that Labor Services assists in gaining employment however this company is not affiliated with USPS. Start your career journey today by joining the trusted organization which has been operational for centuries
Killeen TX United States


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