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Job Summary:

Don't wait any longer to explore the diverse possibilities the trucking industry has to offer. Live Trucking will take you there. We provide an extensive range of job positions that complement your unique skill set. Our partner trucking firms seek individuals who are passionate and dedicated to trucking, just like themselves. Partnering with us will give you a rewarding career that... will enhance your knowledge and skills in trucking.

• Our drivers are highly competent in safe and efficient driving methods, which are fundamental to keeping cargo secure and unscathed during transportation. They employ effective strategies that keep accidents and risks at bay.
• Play a role in the betterment of your community by transporting various items to diverse locations, facilitating the advancement of the local economy, and fostering strong relationships with nearby businesses and residents.
• Want to be your boss? Live Trucking can make it happen. By partnering with them, you can build your trucking enterprise, exert complete authority over it, and reap immense benefits in the transportation industry.
• Undoubtedly, for transport companies, working with team drivers is significantly beneficial. It's a win-win situation, with companies reducing operational costs while still delivering quality services to their customers. With increased efficiency, safety standards, and dependable partnerships, driving with a partner is undoubtedly the way to go.

• An unwavering dedication to safety regulations paired with outstanding proficiency behind the wheel.
• Successful collaboration with both colleagues and clients demands exceptional communication and interpersonal aptitude.
• Showing a commitment to detail without compromising the ability to drive for extended periods of time.
• To efficiently handle vehicles, mechanics must be adept at maintaining automobiles and quickly solving any problems.
• Resource allocation is a critical element of transportation logistics, and dispatchers with expertise in this field are skilled at determining how best to allocate resources, including which vehicles to assign to which routes.

EEO Statement:

As a responsible employer, we at Live Trucking are firmly committed to respecting the diversity of our workforce and creating a workplace that is free from discrimination and bias. We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in enhancing productivity and promoting innovation, which ultimately benefits both our employees and our company.

Form a partnership with Live Trucking to initiate a gratifying voyage that respects your talents and aspirations, and delivers unparallel opportunities for advancement in your career. Embrace the thrill of navigating through sprawling highways while contributing to the enriching of the transportation realm. Uncover untapped potential, interact with foremost entities, and raise your trucking vocation to new heights with Live Trucking.

About Us:

The core mission of Live Trucking is the transformation of the trucking industry. We strive to design a platform that allows competent drivers to access suitable job prospects across the country. Our ultimate aim is to promote the development and success of transport businesses in the United States
Saugerties NY United States


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