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  • 3 days ago

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USPS offers great pay and benefits for Post Office Clerk Positions, with many exciting job opportunities awaiting those who apply.

Having trouble finding a job? The United States Postal Service is looking to hire Post Office Clerks nationwide and no experience is required. With nearly one million employees, it is the largest employer in the federal government. They also provide paid training so... that you can quickly transition into this new role.

About the Position: The Post Office Clerk position at USPS is critical because it involves many different tasks. As a clerk, you are an integral part of how smoothly the USPS operates each day which includes selling stamps, receiving and processing incoming mail as well as sorting and distributing it among other clerical duties. You will also be a valuable resource for members of the public who come into contact with you while completing general mailing needs such as change-of-address forms or managing mail holds or renting post office boxes from us. This not only helps ensure that we function efficiently but also gives people like yourself an opportunity to grow within our organization – there are always higher roles available here given how dynamic postal service landscape can be!

Position Details:
• There are many positions available
• Starting Pay: $23.47 to $38.62 an Hour
• Average Annual Salary With Benefits: $72,400
• It’s nice getting paid time off to celebrate holidays knowing your employer will compensate you for them
• Job security is important so finding jobs where companies have strong track records when comes keeping their workforce employed over long periods without layoffs occurring frequently considered desirable places work.

USPS Job Benefits: USPS offers some of the best job benefits around! These include health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation/sick leave as well as retirement plans among other things too!

In order to be considered for this job opportunity applicants must meet two requirements; they must be at least 18 years old and have citizenship status.

Responsibilities Of A Postal Service Clerk Include Ensuring That Incoming And Outgoing Mail Is Processed In A Timely Manner:
• Selling Stamps
• Organizing Incoming Mail for Prioritization
• The Mail Sorting and Distribution Process is Critical For Organizations That Receive High Volumes of Correspondence on a Daily Basis as it Enables Them to Manage Their Communications More Efficiently
• Attention To Detail Is Essential When Carrying Out Administrative Duties
• Helping The Public With Their Mailing Needs Which May Involve Redirecting Or Temporarily Suspending Delivery.

About USPS: USPS has been around for more than 200 years and is currently one of the largest employers in America with almost one million employees. We have over 30,000 post office locations across the country which collectively deliver approximately six hundred million pieces of mail each year to around one hundred forty two million delivery points nationwide. On top of this we also operate a fleet in excess of two hundred thousand vehicles making us the biggest such operation globally. As an equal opportunity employer, we provide great pay along with benefits packages as well as opportunities for career advancement within our organization – all while ensuring that people like yourself have job security too! Labor Services helps individuals find jobs but works separately from USPS. Come join us today so that together we can continue providing quality service throughout many more years ahead
Charleston SC United States


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