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  • 2 weeks ago

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The Postal Service of the United States of America is currently recruiting USPS Mailroom Associate in various locations. Consequently, it has become a well-favoured choice for those embarking on their careers. With several benefits and an organized training program, one can be assured as a postal clerk that they are on their way to long-term success.

USPS Mailroom Associate (United States Postal... Service) - One of the most crucial positions in this organization with a lot of duties to handle. Being a clerk at USPS means you are helping them carry out its day-to-day duties which involve selling stamps; taking in and processing incoming mails; sorting and dispatching mails etc.; general mailing needs such as filling change of addresses forms, managing mail holds or giving post office box service to customers who need them among other things. This job not only contributes significantly towards making USP run better but also presents great opportunities for promotion within the company as one can rise from one rank to another in this fast-paced industry.

Position Details:
• There are numerous available job openings
• An entry level employee earns between $23.47 and $38.62 per hour
• This employment opportunity comes with an annual salary of $72,400 with attractive additional benefits
• Through life insurance provided by USPS, employees have their family security guaranteed when they fail to provide for them

USPS offers an exceptional career that allows you to thrive and take on new challenges with your employer including highly competitive pay rates, outstanding job benefits packages, potential for promotions and job security while working at USPS is an excellent career choice.

Potential applicants should note some minimum requirements they have to meet. These include being 18 years old and having American citizenship.

USPS Mailroom Associates must maintain accurate records concerning all processed mail within the facility:
• Stamps Selling
• Implementing effective procedures for managing mail reduces workloads on staff thereby releasing more time and resources needed for other tasks.
• In most cases, performing administrative roles calls for the capability of multi-tasking effectively
• Offers advice on standard postal obligations like updating their addresses or suspending mail delivery temporarily to the public.

About USPS: This is one amongst others established more than two hundred years ago and currently it is the largest employer in America with almost a million workers. USPS operates in excess of thirty thousand post offices across American territories handling six hundred million pieces annually going to one hundred forty two million delivery points; fleet size being over two hundred thousand vehicles making them world’s biggest postal service provider. They are an equal opportunity employer offering good wages, benefits package, chances for career growth plus job security too. Labor Services although does help people find jobs they are not affiliated directly with United States Postal Service therefore take caution whenever you decide to apply through them. Come and be part of us at this great organization today
Carencro LA United States


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