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Job Description
• Patient Consultation: Pharmacists often provide counseling to patients regarding the proper use of medications, potential side effects, and any precautions they need to take. They may also offer advice on over-the-counter medications and general health-related inquiries.
• Dispensing Medications: Pharmacists are responsible for accurately dispensing prescription medications to patients according to legal and medical guidelines. This involves interpreting prescriptions, checking for drug interactions, and ensuring the correct dosage and instructions are provided.
• Medication Management: Pharmacists play a crucial role in managing medication inventories, ensuring medications are stored properly, and monitoring medication usage to prevent abuse or misuse.
• Collaboration with Healthcare Providers: Pharmacists frequently collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians and nurses, to optimize patient care. This may involve discussing treatment plans... suggesting alternative medications, or providing input on medication therapy management.
• Health Promotion and Education: Pharmacists often engage in activities aimed at promoting public health and educating patients on topics such as disease prevention, medication adherence, and lifestyle modifications.
• Compounding: In some settings, pharmacists may be involved in compounding medications, which involves preparing customized medications tailored to specific patient needs.
• Administrative Duties: Pharmacists may also have administrative responsibilities, such as maintaining patient records, managing pharmacy staff, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
• Quality Assurance: Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of medications dispensed to patients. This includes verifying the authenticity of medications, monitoring for recalls or safety alerts, and adhering to quality control standards. Conduct regular quality checks on the electronic system to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and to identify areas for improvement.
• Continuous Learning: Given the constantly evolving field of healthcare and pharmacology, pharmacists are expected to engage in continuous learning to stay updated on new medications, treatment guidelines, and best practices.
• Ethical and Legal Compliance: Pharmacists must adhere to ethical standards and legal regulations governing the practice of pharmacy. This includes maintaining patient confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and following all relevant laws and regulations.
• Data Management: Oversee the accuracy, security, and integrity of pharmacy data within the electronic system. Ensure proper documentation and record-keeping.
• Pharmaceutical Care: Utilize the electronic system to enhance pharmaceutical care, including medication dispensing, patient counseling, and clinical services.
• Research and Development: Stay current with advancements in pharmacy practice and healthcare technology, contributing to the continuous improvement of the electronic pharmacy system
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Apply - Pharmacist (PSEF) South Jakarta