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Short-Term Consultancy, based in Abuja, Nigeria

Member of Geo-Enabling team for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS)

-Experience in digital data collection, M&E, and advanced GIS skills required-

A. ICT for Operational Effectiveness in the COVID contexts and the GEMS Initiative

Having lasting impact on development and reaching the most vulnerable populations is a strategic priority for the World Bank Group (WBG) and a necessity for achieving the twin goals of eradicating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. In order to accountably implement development projects in field environments, we need to ‘get eyes on the ground where we cannot always have feet on the ground.’ The Geo-Enabling methodology for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) has been developed in response to this demand, with the aim to provide project teams, client agencies, and partner organizations with timely access to invaluable field information from areas that cannot be regularly visited. This is of... particular importance in settings facing Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV), such as the Northeastern States of Nigeria.

Development Objective: The GEMS method enables project teams to use simple and low-cost open-source tools for in-field collection of structured digital data that automatically feeds into centralized digital Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems. The integrated data can include any kind of indicators, based on tailor-made forms; photos, audio, videos; time and date stamps; and GPS coordinates that allow for automated geo-mapping of the information. Using these tools systematically allows operations to enhance the transparency and accuracy of M&E and increase the accountability of third-party monitoring (TPM). Moreover, the GEMS method provides WBG Global Practices (GPs) and Country Management Units (CMUs) with platforms for remote supervision, real-time risk and safeguards monitoring, as well as portfolio mapping for coordination across projects and partners.

B. Objective and Scope of Work: Leveraging ICT to Enhance M&E, Supervision, and Citizen Engagement

The WBG Nigeria Country Office is looking to hire a short-term consultant (STC) to join the GEMS team. The consultant will be based in Abuja, Nigeria, and fully embedded in the GEMS team, within the World Bank’s FCV Group. The consultant will work under the guidance of the GEMS TTL and in very close coordination with the CMU and the Senior Social Development Specialist based in Abuja.

The focus of the consultancy will be to systematically implement the GEMS method across WBG portfolio in Nigeria, with a focus on the use of KoBoToolbox as well as PowerBI for customized project monitoring. The consultant will be responsible for the delivery of capacity-building trainings in the use of the KoBoToolbox and PowerBI software suites and ongoing hands-on support for projects, government agencies, safeguards specialists, and select partners. This will also include reviewing and contribution to project documents and regular follow-up engagement and technical assistance for clients. The STC will also be responsible for managing the CMU’s digital data collection and remote supervision platform and conduct tailored data analyses, based on demand.

The consultant will provide GIS and cartography support to the internal and external clients. An additional role of the consultant will be to support the CMU and project teams with the creation and administration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related data platforms, as well as maps and spatial data analyses. This includes the responsibility to proactively liaise with technical counterparts, gather and process geospatial information, and create visualizations and technical analyses.

A complementary focus will be on developing training guidelines, protocols and technical platforms, for systematizing and scaling the GEMS support across clients in Nigeria. The consultant will support the team in (1) rolling out a standard learning package on the GEMS method; (2) developing and managing cost-effective spatial monitoring platforms on which project data can be geo-mapped and related to contextual insight; and (3) establishing internal standards and guidelines for the sustainable implementation of the GEMS method.

In coordination with the CMU, the consultant will support government agencies in Nigeria as well as donors, UN agencies and other partners, subject to interest, in setting up systems for data collection, sharing and coordination. To leverage GEMS as an inter-agency coordination tool, the consultant will also build capacity with stakeholders outside of the World Bank. To this end, the consultant will closely work with government agencies, donors, UN agencies and other partners to leverage the GEMS tools and method for supervision and coordination. In this regard, the consultant will oversee the technical cooperation in terms of leveraging the GEMS tool, develop strategies for joint data analysis, and create data collection questionnaires upon agreement with the partners.

The consultant will also support the wider remote supervisionagenda. The consultant will work with the GEMS team, the CMU and a range of partners to explore and apply complementary field-appropriate ICT tools and procedures to improve remote supervision as well as effectiveness and accountability of operational engagement. Supervision solutions that will be explored will include inter alia (a) earth observation and remote sensing through satellite imagery; (b) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/drones) and sensor technology (c) 'big data' including call detail records and social media data for complementary monitoring tasks; and (d) mobile network/SMS-based systems for citizen engagement, beneficiary feedback, and grievance redress mechanisms. The above list is not exhaustive and may be extended during implementation of the activity.

C. Deliverables

The selected STC will be responsible for the following main deliverables:
• Establish and administrate a portfolio-wide project mapping and remote supervision platform, based on KoBoToolbox, PowerBI and potentially complementary tools.
• Support the sustainable application of the GEMS method across projects in the Nigeria CMU’s portfolio and ensure that gradually all projects are integrated in the system.
• Deliver GEMS capacity building trainings to project task teams, client Project Implementation Units, and select partners, in cooperation with the global GEMS team.
• Train World Bank staff in the GEMS method.
• Support back-office tasks required for the systematic application of the GEMS method across the WBG portfolio.
• Provide GIS and cartography support to the CMU and individual projects
• Provide follow-up support to clients, the CMU and project teams to ensure that the system is leveraged sustainably**.**
• Review or support the digitalization of data collection questionnaires and methods for specific clients and projects.
• Explore options for collaboration on data exchange and analysis with partners.
• Explore the use of complementary technology and procedures for remote supervision of operational engagement, support projects teams with the implementation and produce practical guidance material.
• Prepare a monthly briefing note in PowerPoint format on the GEMS implementation throughout the portfolio of Nigeria and share it regularly with the CMU and the global GEMS team
• Regularly record statistical data on training participants and trained/supported projects as well as project-specific use cases in a centrally provided database. Recordings are expected immediately after any trainings and provided project support.
• Update the abovementioned databases and dashboards on a regular basis, at least bi-weekly.

D. Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate will have a primary expertise in M&E, GIS and ICT as well as an in-depth understanding of World Bank operations, policies and procedures. S/he will be familiar with ways in which technology can be applied to monitor projects and other dynamics on the ground and will meet the following selection criteria:
• Master’s degree in either (i) engineering, geography, or computer science; or (ii) economics, development studies, international relations, public policy or a related field. In both cases, specific experience in using ICT to boost development effectiveness will be crucial.
• At least 5 years of experience in issues related to M&E, ICT, geospatial analysis or development/humanitarian work, with a clear demonstration of the ability to apply technologies to solve challenges related to development/humanitarian interventions.
• Knowledge of M&E systems, especially as they apply to fragile contexts, demonstrated through field experience.
• Advanced GIS skills and proven experience with geospatial data and analysis (through ArcMap, QGIS, R, and/or Python) and ability to manage databases and suites of large datasets.
• Proven experience in using mobile data collection tools, such as KoBoToolbox, ONA, SurveyCTO, SurveySolutions, etc. and data analysis tools, such as PowerBI or Tableau.
• Knowledge of World Bank operational policies and business practices is a plus.
• Demonstrated initiative, leadership skills, innovation and drive for results including ability to undertake a diversity of tasks within a rapidly changing and demanding environment on short deadlines.
• Excellent communication skills, with an ability to adapt to an audience that is operational, but not necessarily knowledgeable of ICT issues.
• Fluency in English, enabling the consultant to conduct interactive technical trainings with clients and to produce high-quality written outputs.
• Advanced skills in MS office applications, in particular Excel and PowerPoint.
• Excellent workflow management skills and a proactive attitude.

Candidates who bring direct personal and professional experience and background from diverse FCV or forced displacement-affected backgrounds are preferred.

E. Administrative Arrangements

The selected consultant will be contracted by FCV Group for a period of 50 days, at a fee to be negotiated with the supervisor. The consultant will report to a Task Team Leader based in Washington DC. S/he will closely collaborate with the Nigeria Country Management Unit, the World Bank’s GEMS team (FCV Group), based in Washington DC, as well as the Senior Social Development Specialist, based in Abuja.

The contract will comprise the period from April to June 2024, with the option of extension in the new fiscal year, starting July 1, 2024. The consultant will be based Abuja, Nigeria.

How to apply

To apply, candidates should send their resumes and a one-page motivation letter to mobaje@worldbank.org. The subject line of the email should be "Application for GEMS position in Nigeria". The deadline is June 15, 2024. Only successful candidates will be contacted


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