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  • 1 month ago

jobs description

• Assist the Project Manager in the management of Health, Safety & Security hazards/risks and Environmental aspects/impacts throughout the project
• Ensure the construction works are done according to drawings and within the specified standards
• Oversee the day to day running of all matters relating to the construction of this project, particularly on civil & structural and architectural works
• Resolve discrepancies or problems relating to HSSE and quality of work together with Project Management Team and report all progress of work safety and incidents promptly
• Review and discuss construction method and choice of material with Project Manager, Consultants and specialist works-contractors and finalize the most appropriate practical, productive and safety construction method in advance of works for compliance to statutory requirements
• Ensure all Consultant/Client instructions and correspondences related to HSSE and quality are properly documented and disseminated... to his/her subordinates and sub-contractors
• Ensure that the monthly productivity data are submitted to Quality Assurance, Eco-Productivity Department. for review and consolidation
• As practicable as possible, he/she shall work with his Project Management Team and subcontractors to implement Green & Gracious practices and ensure all site materials and wastages, consumption and cost are reduced and minimized in the course of all works
• Adhere to all relevant legal requirements in his/her performance of work duties in the project
• Comply and adhere with the HSSEQ Management System and implement all relevant requirements stated in the HSSEQ management system
• Liaise closely with the project's HSSE personnel on the required HSSE requirements prior to commencement of all works under his/her charge in the project
• Inform the project's HSSE personnel and all other relevant project personnel of the operational requirements of the scope of works to be performed under his/her charge
• Inform the project's HSSE personnel and all other relevant personnel on the changes to the work operations, work methods, location of work, and change in use of machinery or equipment, change in competent persons to perform the work, etc. so that the appropriate HSSE controls can be implemented to mitigate the risks/impacts arising from such changes
• Ensure all internal and external work parties under his/her charge perform their work in accordance to relevant legal requirements
• Organize the project site and other places of work so that all operations are carried out to the required HSSEQ standards, with minimum of HSSE risks and impacts to men, equipment, materials, environment, etc
• Ensure that HSSE requirements receive the highest priority in all work and that compliance with WSH regulations is maintained at all times
• Undertake the appointment as member of the project's Risk Management Team
• Undertake the appointment as member of the project's HSSE Committee
• Ensure all personnel performing work in the project is adequately trained
• Ensure that the method and sequence of construction operation is in accordance with the approved method statement
• Ensure all internal and external parties under his/her charge is trained in the HSSERIAs and SWPs as well as any other relevant HSSE documentation before they are allowed commencement work in the project
• Ensure that suitable and effective personal protective equipment and safety equipment are issued to the workmen for their scope of works
• Ensure all machinery, plant and equipment, hand tools, etc. used by the workmen under his/her charge are maintained in good safe working condition and that all guards and other appropriate safety devices are properly fitted and functioning
• Ensure all machinery, plant and equipment, hand tools, etc. are positioned effectively without endangering men and equipment
• Ensure that all registers, records and reports are maintained in order, and the competent persons appointed to carry out work in the project has sufficient knowledge of plant, machinery, equipment and tool to evaluate all aspects of its safe operation
• Enforce and ensure that good housekeeping conditions are maintained at all work areas
• Conduct regular joint HSSE inspections with the project's HSSE personnel to identify and rectify HSSE non-conformities/non-compliances discovered in the project
• Ensure all HSSEQ non-conformities/non-compliances reported to him/her by any party are rectified with the provision of effective corrective measures
• He/she is authorized to cease and unsafe work activity immediately to prevent occurrence of incident and/or serious HSSE non-conformity/non-compliance

• Degree in Civil Engineering or its equivalent
• Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in the construction industry
• Only Singaporean


Apply - Senior / Engineer - Civil Singapore