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The Colegio Jordán de Sajonia is seeking a professional to fill the role of Reading Comprehension Teacher.

Professional Background:

Bachelors degree in Modern Languages or English.
Experience teaching English courses at other schools or language education institutions.

English Proficiency: B2 - C1


- Teach advanced reading comprehension techniques such as text analysis, theme identification, inference skills, and critical evaluation of information.
- Create diverse and engaging educational materials tailored to different levels of reading proficiency.
Implement innovative methodologies that foster a love for reading and enhance fluency and comprehension in English.
- Promote extensive and comprehensive reading strategies using digital tools and multimedia resources.
Integrate reading comprehension into interdisciplinary projects and extracurricular activities.
- Evaluate and provide individualized follow-up on students progress... in their reading skills.
- Organize reading-promotion activities like book clubs, contests, book fairs, among others.
- Maintain effective communication with parents to inform them about their childrens progress and achievements in reading comprehension.

Required Experience:

A minimum of 2 years of experience as an English teacher, emphasizing reading comprehension teaching.


Professional Qualifications:

Bachelors degree in Modern Languages or Bachelors degree in English.


Previous experience teaching Language Arts in other schools or educational institutions.

English Proficiency:

B2 - C1


Teaching Language Arts:

Conduct dynamic and effective Language Arts classes for students in grades six, seven, and eight, encompassing reading, writing, grammar, comprehension, and text analysis skills.

Development of Linguistic Skills:

Stimulate creativity, expression, and communicative ability through literary activities, literary text analysis, and creative writing exercises.

Curriculum Design:

Create curriculum plans aligned with curricular standards, integrating activities that foster critical thinking and reading comprehension.

Assessment and Feedback:

Evaluate students linguistic and literary progress, providing individualized feedback to develop their skills.

Departmental Collaboration:

Actively participate in departmental meetings to exchange effective practices, contribute to curriculum planning, and promote innovative teaching strategies.
Parent Communication:

Maintain constant communication with parents to share progress, teaching strategies, and resources supporting Language Arts learning at home.


A minimum of 2 years experience as a Language Arts teacher or in related fields, ideally in secondary education.-Requerimientos- Educación mínima: Universidad / Carrera Profesional
2 años de experiencia
Palabras clave: profesor, teacher, teachers, docente
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