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The role

We are a leading Contact Centre with numerous campaigns, each with unique requirements and standards of excellence. We are seeking a detail-oriented and strategic Industrial Psychologist Graduate to take on the role of Agent Profiling Specialist. This role is pivotal in creating and refining agent profiles for recruitment, ensuring that each campaign is staffed with individuals who meet the specific performance criteria. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in psychometric assessments and data analysis, with the ability to translate these insights into practical recruitment strategies.

The detail

1. Agent Profiling:

Develop comprehensive agent profiles for each campaign, outlining the skills, attributes, and competencies required.

Collaborate with campaign managers and stakeholders to understand the specific needs and standards of each campaign.

2. Recruitment Collaboration:

Work closely with the recruitment team to set parameters for candidate selection... based on the developed agent profiles.

Utilize psychometric assessment tools to evaluate and select candidates who best fit the campaign profiles.

3. Psychometric Assessments:

Design test batteries tailored to the specific requirements of each campaign.

Analyze assessment data to ensure the accuracy and validity of the tools used.

4. Interview Design and Execution:

Create detailed interview guides, including one-way interviews, role plays, and script readings, tailored to each campaign's needs.

Train recruitment staff on the use of these guides to ensure consistency and effectiveness in candidate evaluation.

5. Performance Analysis and Continuous Improvement:

Conduct deep dive analyses of each intake per campaign to evaluate agent performance on the floor.

Use performance data to identify top performers and refine agent profiles, ensuring alignment with what 'good' looks like for each campaign.

Continuously update and improve the profiling process based on performance data and feedback.

6. Data-Driven Decision Making:

Use data analytics to map out trends and patterns in agent performance.

Provide insights and recommendations for improving recruitment and training processes based on data analysis.


Non – Negotiable: Bachelor’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology


Understanding psychometric assessments and data analysis.

Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret complex data and provide actionable insights.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to work collaboratively with various stakeholders and departments.

Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Ability to analyze complex data sets and translate findings into practical recruitment and profiling strategies.

Meticulous attention to detail in designing assessment tools and interpreting data
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