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Working under the professional direction of the County Engineer, the Civil Engineering Technician provides paraprofessional engineering services such as: detail layouts of construction plans; composition of requests for proposals; project estimates; conducting project related right-of-way negotiations; performing inspection of construction projects; serving as crew chief for in-field operations... and developing and maintaining engineering databases.

The incumbent is responsible for the quality and timeliness of his or her own work and assigned field crews. Work is performed independently under the general supervision of the County Engineer. Savings associated with efficient plan layout and avoidance of change orders is significant.
• Assists the County Engineer with project planning and design.
• Works closely with highway department staff to identify potential improvement projects and researches to determine project magnitude and possible funding sources, such as County State Aid Highway funding (CSAH);
• Participates in development of a five-year capital improvement plan;
• Develops an engineer’s estimate of project costs for consideration in the planning, prioritizing and approval of projects;
• Directs the work of survey crews in the field in order to identify the boundaries and physical features of the project area;
• Orders soil borings and hydrology studies to assist in determining soil suitability, drainage requirements and the magnitude of correction that might be anticipated;
• Prepares project plans and design documents, including special provisions, for approval by the County Engineer;
• Prepares bid specification for projects that are outsourced to construction contractors;
• Tabulates bids and analyzes costs;
• Prepares staff recommendations for bid awards.
• Participates in land owner informational meetings and in negotiations to obtain necessary easements or land purchases.
• Seeks to minimize county expenses for easement acquisition, while fairly compensating landowners;
• Orders independent land appraisals as necessary;
• Works with the County Attorney in cases where condemnation is required;
• Addresses public concerns during construction in order to maintain the best possible working relationships.
• Monitors the progress of projects and recommends approval or rejection of work performed.
• Conducts pre-construction meetings to ensure that all parties are ready to perform as expected and that all necessary prerequisites, such as easements and temporary construction easements are ready; anticipates problems that may occur during construction projects or with specific designs;
• Ensures that necessary construction staking is performed;
• Inspects excavations and ensures that soil correction and compaction is properly performed;
• Tests materials or samples materials for testing at the state lab location;
• Issues correction notices when deficiencies are found and works with contractors to resolve issues; recommends a course of action to the County Engineer for approval;
• Prepares progress and performance reports on behalf of the County Engineer for release to the County Board;
• Develops recommendations for payment, based on bid rates and quantities documented as acceptable;
• Requests retention of performance bond amounts or withholding of a portion of payments necessary to ensure corrective action is taken and the final project is acceptable.
• Manages and maintains engineering databases.
• Develops as-built drawings from the original project design prints, showing actual location of utilities or drainage improvements;
• Archives finished project records and data in a manner that allows for quick retrieval.
• Performs Other Related Functions as Apparent or Assigned.

This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent and an associate degree in civil technology, construction management, or a related field, plus three years of experience, or equivalent. A valid driver’s license is required.
• Must possess or be able to obtain the following certifications after hire:
• Aggregate Production
• Bituminous Plant
• Bituminous Street I & II
• Concrete Plant
• Concrete Field I & II
• Grading & Base I & II
• Bridge Safety Inspection I & II (level II requires 5 years of inspection experience and additional field tests) are desired
• Erosion Control Inspector/Installer
• Construction Site Management
• Design of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
• Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing,
• Ability to develop and calculate complex mathematical formulas involving proportions, trigonometry and geometry;
• Software skills using Microsoft Office Suite, GPS programs, Arcview, Autoturn, AutoCAD and other packages for crash mapping, bridge inspection, design, and project management;
• Ability to use technical measuring and testing equipment for measuring distance, elevation, soil density and road compaction and materials gradation;
• Good public relations skills;
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
• Create a positive work environment of equity and inclusion.
• Promote a spirit of teamwork and cooperation among all employees and provide a work environment of mutual respect.
• Maintains appropriate professional boundaries
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