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JOB DETAILS:Position : Signage Operation Manager( Company is Planning to expand its Operations in Signage business with Catering Stations, Kiosk, Furniture Fabrication, Shop Fit Out & Retail Outlet, Cladding etc. )Total Staff 80, including Digital Printing & Signage.Reporting to : DirectorReported by : 10 Direct - production team in Signage Location: Kuwait CityJob Involves :Signage Production Process in workshop, Planning, coordinating, and supervising all aspects of the digital printing . This includes managing staff, equipment, materials, and schedules to meet Client Requirement & Deadlines and maintain Product Quality.This position requires a combination of technical expertise, and Leadership skills.** Candidates with prior experience in Gulf region is Preferred. Job Responsibilities:Production Management:• Oversee all aspects of digital printing and signage production, including large format printing, vinyl cutting, laminating, and finishing processes.• Ensure efficient workflow... job scheduling, and resource allocation to meet production targets. Quality Control:• Implement and maintain quality control procedures to ensure the production of high-quality printed materials and signage.• Perform regular inspections to identify and address quality issues.Equipment Maintenance:• Coordinate equipment maintenance and repair activities to minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance.• Maintain an inventory of consumables and request reordering as necessary.Team Leadership:• Hire, train, and supervise production staff, including printers, operators, and technicians.• Set performance goals, provide feedback, and conduct performance evaluations.Safety Compliance:• Ensure compliance with safety regulations and best practices to create a safe working environment.• Provide training on safety procedures and equipment operation.Client Communication:• Collaborate with sales and customer service teams to understand client requirements and project specifications.• Communicate with clients to provide project updates and address any concerns.Cost Management:• Monitor production costs and implement cost-saving measures while maintaining product quality.• Track and report on production expenses and budget adherence.Technology Integration:• Stay up-to-date with advancements in digital printing and signage technology.• Identify opportunities to improve efficiency and product offerings through technology upgrades.Candidate Requirement & Skills : • Bachelor's degree in a related field (e.g., Printing Management, Operations Management) preferred.• Proven experience in digital printing and signage production management.• Strong leadership and team management skills.• Proficiency in using digital printing and signage equipment and software.• Knowledge of Printing techniques, materials, and Quality control standards.• Excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities.• Effective communication and interpersonal skills.• Attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality products. • Communication and client relationship management• Budget management
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