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com/forms/5272a8cc94c92d15256e5cf8d7543f89?r=use1 We personally respond to every submission via email within a week, and usually sooner.
Thank you so much for your time and interest! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Expressions Music Academy in Metro DC and Metro Detroit is currently interviewing music instructors to teach weekly private lessons to students in our academy.
We are hiring for the following locations in Metro DC:
Annandale, VA Ashburn, VA Burke, VA Fairfax, VA Great Falls, VA Herndon, VA McLean, VA Rockville, MD Vienna, VA We are hiring for the following locations in Metro Detroit:
Novi, MI Plymouth-Canton, MI Rochester Hills, MI Troy, MI West Bloomfield, MI We have many teachers who maintain schedules in more than one location (for example, Mondays in Annandale and Wednesdays in Vienna).
However, teachers never teach in more than one location on a single day.
Piano Voice Guitar/Bass Guitar/Ukulele Drums Violin/Viola Cello Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone Instructors to teach our one-to-one early childhood music program called Animal Adventures in Music The requirements are as follows:
Preferably pursuing or obtained a university degree related to music or at least has received substantial training in their instrument Experience teaching private music lessons to children and adults Comfortable teaching a variety of styles and genres Planning to remain in the area and commit to this position for at least a few years Organized, reliable, punctual Open to learning and growing with our community of amazing instructors! All Expressions instructors are paid a competitive hourly rate which takes into consideration all of the administrative work and resources provided by the academy.
Expressions is an energetic, innovative music school with a growing, friendly community of over 3,000 weekly private students and 200 highly-qualified instructors across all five locations in Metro Detroit and nine locations in Metro DC.
Since Expressions opened in September 2010, we have been growing at the rate of about 250 private students on average each year, so we are constantly on the lookout for highly competent instructors to join our community of schools in Metro Detroit and Metro DC.
Even if we are not in need of a particular type of instructor at the moment, we likely will be soon.
We keep all prospective teacher information on file and refer to it first before posting an available position.
So if you are an instructor interested in teaching at Expressions either now or in the future, please complete our easy application form now! CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION:
com/forms/5272a8cc94c92d15256e5cf8d7543f89?r=use1 WHY MUSIC TEACHERS CHOOSE TO TEACH AT EXPRESSIONS:
A CONSTANT FLOW OF NEW STUDENTS TO KEEP SCHEDULES AS FULL AS POSSIBLE Over the course of the year, students can move or quit.
This can leave a teacher with gaps or holes in their schedule.
At our schools, we spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing year-round to keep our teachers' schedules as full as possible.
We are continually registering new students for our private music lessons even during typically slower registration months like June and July.
UNLIKE internet referral services, it is in our best interest to keep your schedule full! With the other companies, they want as many teachers as possible in as many places as possible.
They don't care if you only have 2 students.
We have to pay for studios and it takes time and money to hire instructors.
Therefore we want you to have a full schedule and succeed as a music teacher! It is far easier to support one teacher with a full schedule than it is to support 15 teachers with a couple students each.
Our instructors across the board maintain schedules each day that are 80-95% full.
EXTRAS ARE TAKEN CARE OF - YOUR ONLY RESPONSIBILITY IS TO TEACH Our organized and friendly administrative and management staff handle all of the details.
From scheduling to collecting fees to organizing recitals.
These details are handled by our administrators, not the teacher.
This means the teacher is free to focus on teaching and not get bogged down by administration or handling awkward situations in regard to tuition collection or scheduling.
Driving all over town for a couple lessons, trying to remember who is months behind on tuition, and trying to protect your time against student cancellations with no pay are all problems of the past.
ENVIRONMENT & RESOURCES FOR PROFESSIONAL GROWTH Expressions is one of those rare places that actually has a vision statement which they live by and make decisions by every day.
Our vision is all about growth, and we believe in fostering an environment of growth for everyone, teachers included.
Whether you have only taught a handful of students or have been teaching for 50 years, we believe that you can grow and refine your skills at our school without being put into a box or forced to follow any certain curriculum.
We have an abundance of resources and work together as a team to uphold and continually raise EMA's reputation of excellence to what it is.
While we welcome all beginning students to our school, we don't want to simply be a revolving door for them, but rather to create an environment of long-term growth where they take lessons and progress for years and years and years.
OUR TEACHERS ARE EMPLOYEES Most music schools or stores hire their teachers as independent contractors to come and go.
At Expressions, our teachers are part of our family, and so even if they only teach one day with us, they are classified as an employee, which provides many benefits in the case of seeking a car loan, home mortgage, or other applications which look more favorably upon a consistent employee job as opposed to a contractor position.
Employee jobs are sometimes hard to come by for professional musicians, so we are proud to offer this benefit! Our teachers are conveniently paid via direct deposit every two weeks.
YOUR TIME IS RESPECTED AND YOU ARE PAID WHEN STUDENTS CANCEL LATE Our teachers are paid when students do not provide 24-hour notice.
Even when they DO provide 24-hour notice, we do our best to book a make-up lesson in that spot so that you are still paid.
Our teachers are very comfortable knowing how much income they will make in any given month.
NO HAVING TO COME IN FOR EXTRA MAKE-UP LESSONS Make-ups only occur within your regular teaching schedule; no make-ups on random days and times.
Students sign up for make-up lessons over other students' absences.
This means when one of your students is absent, we turn that lesson time into an available make-up time for another student.
The system is flexible for our students and families and means you never have to worry about setting aside time outside of your regular schedule for make-ups, or teaching an unpaid make-up lesson.
USE THE MATERIALS YOU LIKE BEST There is no mandated school-wide curriculum or set of method books.
Unlike many other music schools or stores, we are not looking to sell any merchandise or books.
We trust our teachers at EMA to be experts in their fields, and encourage them to use the materials they think are best for each individual student.
STUDENT RECITALS All recitals are completely organized and run by EMA staff and are offered twice per year.
We rent out beautiful concert venues and our administrative team takes care of all logistics from helping students sign up to the physical set-up/breakdown.
COMFORTABLE AND PROFESSIONAL TEACHING ENVIRONMENT We provide our teachers with a beautiful, comfortable, spacious teaching space.
All of our locations are incredibly clean, new, and well-maintained with ample waiting room for all students, as well as large, comfortable teaching rooms.
Plus, we have coffee, WIFI, and a teacher's lounge for making copies, socializing, or taking breaks.
ALWAYS KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE WITH OUR ONLINE SCHEDULING SYSTEM Access your updated schedule, absences, make-ups, etc.
online through your teacher portal at all times.
Our scheduling software is incredibly easy to navigate and allows teachers to always be kept up to date on their students and schedule from home or on-the-go or wherever you are.
Plus every time a student enrolls or drops or changes their schedule, you will immediately be sent an email and text notification, and your online schedule will be automatically updated.
MOTIVATE YOUR STUDENTS WITH OUR LEVEL UP PROGRAM Our Level Up program is convenient and customizable for teachers and very motivating for students.
The Level Up program helps to make sure students consistently have small, achievable goals to work toward, and provides an easy way for parents to see their child's progress.
If you've ever wanted a way to inspire students to practice harder, make more progress, and get parents on board like never before, this is it! Our students remain in lessons longer and achieve higher because of this program, which is so flexible and easy for teachers to use.
All of our teachers have access to our huge library of sheet music and songbooks.
The contents of the library can also be viewed through our Teacher Portal from home or wherever you are, meaning you won't have to comb through stacks of books to find what you're looking for.
FRIENDLY COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATIVE OPPORTUNITIES We are constantly creating opportunities for instructors and staff to get to know one another and support one another.
One of the greatest resources available at EMA is membership in a huge, friendly, chatty community of other teaching professionals.
When new teachers are hired at EMA, they are placed onto a Teacher Team to make it even more fun! RESPECT AND APPRECIATION Excellent teachers don't grow on trees.
We truly value and respect each one of our instructors.
Feel free to ask for references from other current instructors.
As a piano teacher for some thirty years now, I've found Expressions Music Academy to be an outstanding venue to do what I love to do--teach! The atmosphere is vibrant with music, and excited children of all ages and ethnicities scurry the brightly-colored, decorated halls.
The support staff is friendly, competent, and efficient in handling the steady influx of new students.
Their hard work allows teachers the freedom to concentrate their energies on doing what they do best.
As one of the many interesting features of the Academy, students benefit from the varying styles and experiences of alternate teachers if they can't make their regularly scheduled lesson and they can even experiment with different instruments if they so choose! Regular recitals are part of the curriculum at Expressions and they take place in their very own recital hall complete with a lighted stage upon which sits a beautiful nine-foot grand piano.
I love teaching at Expressions Music Academy, it's been a blessing really, and I hope to continue to do so for a very long time! - George Lilley, Piano The best part about teaching at Expressions is the supportive community of staff and teachers.
I have taught at several other music schools, and none of them have even come close to providing the support I have found at EMA.
From lesson materials to the ease of scheduling recitals, EMA always seeks to make sure I have what I need as a teacher, so that in turn I can focus on giving my students the best experience.
-Molly Bruner, Voice and Piano What impressed me most about Expressions Music Academy, when I visited the school and subsequently started teaching there, was the overall feeling of the musical environment it provides for children of almost any age and adults as well.
From early music classes to ukulele, Expressions provides the students and teachers with all the supplies needed for a proper music lesson including music, stands, pianos, monthly recitals to give students an opportunity to perform in front of an audience and a beautiful studio to hold the lessons in.
More importantly, though, it is modeled after a university style environment to give both students and teachers an experience that is like no other I know of, except that of a university or music conservatory.
It has been such a different experience than teaching privately in my home for many reasons.
I don't have to worry about getting my name out through word of mouth or investing in any other marketing to find students who need instruction, unlike teaching privately I have the added security of being paid for my time even if a student cancels last minute and I have the benefit of other instructors who can take over in my absence.
I could not be happier that I found and started at Expressions.
- Lisa Paske, Violin and Viola I enjoy working at Expressions because I can honestly say they focus on both student and teacher growth! Having a large supportive network of teachers is indispensable for ensuring student success.
I can borrow literature, learn about new technology, and inquire about different approaches in the hallway.
- Cassie Barger, Voice, Piano, Woodwinds, Brass Working as a piano teacher at Expressions Music Academy has been such a great experience.
I love that I get to just come in and teach.
They handle all the scheduling, ordering, billing, and recital planning.
I highly recommend joining our team! - Meghan Smith, Piano I have been teaching at Expressions Music Academy in Novi and Troy for a number of years.
During my time here I have seen Expressions grow and develop quite a bit and in a number of situations.
All I can say is that I truly enjoy teaching here for a number of reasons.
First of all, the logistical issues that drive us all crazy are taken care of and you can focus on teaching and enjoying working with the students.
The staff does a great job of addressing all of the scheduling, payment, cancellations, and any other non teaching issue you can imagine that comes along.
In fact my favorite line when asked about this is talk to the front desk.
It makes things so much simpler.
The next reason would have to be the facilities.
The rooms at Expressions are nicer and larger than most places I have taught.
It is nice not to be teaching in a closet.
I also love the fact that we have access to all of the office supplies that we might need and a desk to sit at while working.
In fact it is common for me to come in early to plan and organize before I start teaching, and when that is complete it is nice to practice and warm up before your lessons.
Colleagues are another important factor in my opinion since I hate dealing with all of the social politics of just about everything.
My colleagues at Expressions are great, and many times will have some interesting discussions in between lessons.
- Jeff Wiles, Woodwinds Expressions has allowed me to discover the passion I have for teaching students one-on-one.
The Academy setting allows for teachers to focus on what we do best and the support staff go above and beyond to recruit new students and keep the current ones happy and excited to be a part of such a wonderful community.
My schedule is consistently full with over 50 students of all different ages and skill levels.
Expressions is truly a fantastic place to teach, come join us!!!! - Jessica King, Violin, Viola, Piano TO APPLY:
Please go to this web page and click the APPLY NOW button:
com/new-teachers-wanted/ Or apply directly by clicking the link below:
com/forms/5272a8cc94c92d15256e5cf8d7543f89?r=use1 We personally respond to every submission via email within a week, and usually sooner.
Thank you so much for your time and interest! Work Remotely No Job Type:
Part-time Pay:
00 - $42.
00 per hour
Flexible schedule Supplemental pay types:
Bonus pay Work Location:
Multiple Locations Quick Apply.
Estimated Salary: $20 to $28 per hour based on qualifications
Rockville MD USA


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