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Transform ideas into action.

Ewa transforming since 2013. Find out more about Ewa’s transformation and how she maintains a winning attitude.

You are the transformation.

At Transporeon we embrace transformation and change in total sync with oneanother. We rethink, reinvent and rework ideas from one moment to the next – asmany times as is necessary to get the job done right. That’s how we respond tothe new challenges that we face each and every day. And regardless of whetheryou are just starting your career or are already a pro – we believe you can be thetransformation. Are you ready?

Experienced Test Automation Engineer (f/m/d)

- with over 25.000 users per day that are using our products, we strive for the highest level of quality to ensure our customers can always rely on our products to support their business
- becoming part of cross-functional development team you will overtake responsibility for software quality of given web applications, projects or modules
- adhering to... software development process by being part of your daily meetings, creating and maintaining test documentation, manual and automation testing in Java/Selenium
- monitoring of your projects/applications, analyzing logs, understanding errors and together with your team finding the best solution for our customers.
- taking part in Quality guild meetings to be up-to-date on technical changes and improvements
- by cooperation with various colleagues and internal stakeholders making sure, that we offer the best possible customer experience

Your tribe ...

As a valued team member, you'll be instrumental in bridging the gap between Warehouses and Trucks on the road, creating seamless connections from 'Walls to Wheels.' Our ultimate goal is to transform the logistics industry by turning the dream of Paperless Logistics into a tangible reality.

- rather check twice, invest more time, think it well through, simply gives your best to achieve the highest quality possible no matter what you do
- enjoy using your analytical skills in complex interdependent systems which you can discover and improve their logic and functionality
- know how to work in project driven environment and orient yourself in the process from reading documentation, through test automation till valuable feedback to your colleagues.
- …can code in Java
- have already gathered at least 3 years of experience in testing using Selenium WebDriver
- are eager to be a driving force in the ongoing digital transformation of logistics and crave a collaborative, forward-thinking environment, we invite you to apply and embark on an exciting journey with us: together, let's make Paperless Logistics a reality!

Here some QA facts we are proud of ...

- working with professional tools Selenium Grid and Appium
- all tests written in Java
- CI/CD: Jenkins, Github
- up to 15.000 automated tests
- high parallel test execution allows us to run them within ~ 2h
- high test coverage around 85% over all
- high defect removal efficiency

Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Estonia and Hungary



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