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At Planetary, we invest in companies aligned with our guiding principles. Companies with a focus on long-term solutions within planetary boundaries. We operate as an evergreen fund, investing patient capital within biodiversity, agriculture and food, and aim to provide a fair financial return. Our ambition is clear: To inspire and contribute to a restructuring of our economic systems, a redefinition of what value is, and a reconnection with nature and life on the planet.

Being an evergreen fund with no carried interest, we are demonstrating the change needed in the financial industry for a more humble way of operating and investing. We created the fund at the end of 2020 with 40m DKK assets under management, which has grown to 120m DKK in subsequent closings. We are aspiring to cross 200m DKK in DKK assets under management in 2025 and are therefore looking for a Fund director who can help us lay the groundwork for growing Planetary further.

In this job, you will formalise much of... the work we already do and contribute to almost every decision we make. You will proactively create structure and processes where they are missing. You will - with empathy and kindness - ensure we follow these processes. You have a pair of safe hands and will contribute to creating a highly professional fund: A fund that gives investors comfort by managing their commitment with high diligence; the necessary structures and processes developed in accordance with our guiding principles and purpose; a set up fostering long-term positive impact; regulatory compliance and smooth decision-making, and the competences to help our portfolio companies have the positive impact that made them start a company.

For this to be a good match, you will be motivated by contributing to systemic change by co-creating the type of investment company we believe the world needs to stay within planetary boundaries. You will be motivated by co-creating a fund that is both diligent in its operations and caring about our community. Your contribution will be to ensure everything internal is in order to give the partners the confidence to make more investments and raise funds.


As we are still a small organization, the role is broad, and you will be wearing different hats:
• Organizing how we work:You will create and enforce processes in our daily work.
• Fund administration, governance and compliance:You will work closely with our external fund administrator.
• Investor reporting:You will be responsible for our half-year reports for investors.
• Material for board meetings:Together with managing partner, Thomas Høgenhaven, prepare material for the board.
• ESG, PAI, and SFDR Reporting:Based on detailed understanding of evolving regulation and compliance standards, you will set up reporting in portfolio companies and collect it in our impact report and legal reporting such as SFDR and PAI.
• Portfolio overview:You will work with partner and investment director, Morten Koefoed, to set up reporting across the portfolio.
• Finance and HR:You will develop budget models with our fund administrator and ensure HR practices are working as expected
• Fund raising:You will support the fund-raising process by helping onboard new investors in cooperation with our fund administrator.
• Partnerships:You will help define and execute partnerships with other like-minded organizations.
• Financial due diligence:You will work with partner and investment director, Morten Koefoed, in analyzing investment opportunities from a financial perspective.


(Note: We do not expect you to have all of these experiences.)
• Finance and accounting:Experience in finance and accounting, preferably within impact investing or venture funds. A good understanding of fund structures and dynamics will be helpful.
• Structural development:Experience in the creation and implementation of processes and governance frameworks.
• Fund Administration and compliance:Familiarity with fund administration processes and compliance requirements, including working with external fund administrators and setting up reporting.
• ESG:Knowledge of legal and regulatory reporting standards such as SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) and PAI (Principal Adverse Impact) as well as ESG/impact reporting.
• Investor relations and reporting:Experience in preparing investor reports and managing investor relations.

• Kindness:We believe systemic change starts with ourselves. We want to contribute to a world in balance that is good to live in, and we can only do this by enacting these values ourselves.
• Want to contribute to systemic change:You are curious to explore what life can look like within planetary boundaries. You have started walking down this path and want to pursue it with like-minded people.
• Detail-oriented and diligent:High level of diligence in managing financial commitments and reporting and attention to detail in all aspects of financial and organizational management.
• Structured:You are able to develop the structures and processes as we grow without jeopardizing our culture and values.
• Proactive:Ability to proactively identify gaps, create processes where needed, and lead your own work.
• Adaptable and versatile:Flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of a growing organization. Versatility to handle a wide range of tasks and responsibilities.


Our office is in Krogerup, 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. We are located at an organic farm next to Krogerup Højskole, Aarstiderne, and Kølster. The work is flexible, so a combination of in-office and remote work can be arranged.


Salary and benefits: Planetary is still a young fund manager, and the salary is currently below market rates. We expect compensation to improve as the fund size increases over the coming years. The impact of the work is significantly above market rate.


Please apply before June 28th 2024. We will review applications and schedule interviews as we receive them.

Please send (a) motivational application, (b) a link to your Linkedin profile (or resume), and (c) a photo of a place that is meaningful to you.


If you have questions about the job, feel free to reach out to managing partner Thomas Høgenhaven.


Stay humble: Seeking to understand and improve the conditions for life on the planet is a task of infinite complexity. Grounded by nature, we stay humble and sincere in everything we do.

Learn with nature: Inspiration in nature and its biological processes will guide our investments. We shall adapt ourselves to nature, rather than forcing nature to comply with us.

Perceive wealth holistically: True wealth is much more than money in the bank. We perceive wealth as well-being and harmony between humans, nature and the economy.

Trust patient capital: Real value takes time to manifest. We support long-term business models and real value creation over quick profit maximisation.

Build strong communities: Strong communities build resilience and awareness. We strive to create movement and stronger connections within the networks we grow with.

Advocate for change: Real change depends on systemic change. We dedicate ourselves to create real, tangible change and assume leadership towards a new paradigm.

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