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Join our team at Marmot Wealth Management, where we're dedicated to pioneering a new approach in Private Wealth Management services, specially tailored for high net worth individuals and their families. Our mission is to deliver exceptional financial advisory services, underpinned by Marmot’s investment philosophy that champions cost-effective and risk-minimized investing through diversification over market timing or the pursuit of alpha alone. In this dynamic role, you'll be instrumental in shaping our offerings, working intimately with our investment teams to craft solutions that resonate with our clients' unique needs and aspirations.

We're seeking a visionary candidate to spearhead initiatives that deepen our engagement with female clients, addressing the financial gender gap through tailored wealth management solutions and educational content. You'll play a crucial role in advertising our unique value propositions, utilizing lead magnets to attract a diverse clientele, and... fostering partnerships within the female financial ecosystem.

Your responsibilities will include curating and maintaining model portfolios, ensuring they align with our clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance, and conducting periodic reviews to keep clients connected and informed about their investment strategies.

• Develop and Maintain Model Portfolios: Work closely with investment teams to design and manage model portfolios that exemplify our investment philosophy, focusing on diversification, cost reduction, and risk management.
• Client Engagement and Education: Create compelling marketing and educational content aimed at women, promoting financial literacy and showcasing our wealth management offerings through blogs and social media.
• Lead Generation: Utilize various lead magnets to attract and engage prospective clients, emphasizing our commitment to closing the financial gender gap.
• Partnership Cultivation: Collaborate with key players in the female financial ecosystem, including coaches, ambassadors, and brands, to amplify our mission and reach.
• Portfolio Monitoring and Reviews: Conduct regular assessments of client portfolios to ensure alignment with their goals, facilitating ongoing dialogue to foster trust and loyalty.

• Reputable MBA and a strong educational background in finance or business.
• Minimum 3 years of experience in finance, with a focus on wealth management, portfolio management, or related fields.
Outstanding oral and written communication skills, high emotional intelligence, and the ability to translate complex financial topics to audiences of different levels of financial experience and knowledge
• Good with digital software tools, coding skills are a plus, Morningstar and PMS CRM System- Know How also a plus
• Intellectual curiosity, a deep desire to solve problems, and exceptional attention to detail
• The ability to serve as a successful and determined advocate for your clients
• A keen sense of resourcefulness and ability to implement efficient processes in a yet untapped environment
• Strong educational background, with connection to finance and business
• Passion for our women-oriented mission to close financial gender gaps
• Excellent English is requested, German is a plus

• Work with a highly dedicated, talented team
• Flexible schedule with the support of our helpful digital tools and staff
• Beautiful and efficient office in Zürich-Seefeld

Marmot is a Swiss wealth manager dedicated to serving women. We empower and inspire women to nurture financial freedom through wealth management and community building. We care deeply for each individual client’s personal aspirations and help them achieve their financial life goals.

It was built based on hundreds of hours of research into what women are looking for and is a fast growing consumer fintech company. Marmot is for now only able to serve clients living in Switzerland, and via reverse solicitation to clients in Europe
Zürich Switzerland


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