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Pet Counsellor - Sunridge Location

You LOVE talking to people! You are absolutely committed to providing every guest with amazing service and helping them find solutions for all their pet’s needs. You are dedicated to educating our guests about the four basic needs of their animals and you have a thirst for knowledge that drives you to always learn more about every pet. You’ve enjoyed your time with our company and would like to expand to a new store and develop within a new team!

We are looking for individuals with a flexible schedule. Individuals with pet keeping experience are encouraged to apply.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding environment apply today! Staff who are successful with us, are committed to upholding our Mission Statement, GAP, and our Six Golden Rules

1. Treat your customers like guests.
When we greet friends and guests in our home,
we are open, friendly and welcoming. We feel
every customer is a guest at Petland, therefore
we expect every member of our... team to treat
them as such.
2. Remember that you are here for our guests.
The fact is, without our guests, we would not
have jobs. You have a place in the store
because of them. Make their visit special as
often as you can. Every team member has an
opportunity to shine by taking five minutes
each day to ensure a guest has an absolutely
amazing and sometimes life-changing
experience! It’s just one of the benefits you’ll
have working with Petland.
3. Keep your promises.
If you promise to do something for a guest or
fellow team member, Petland expects you to
keep that promise.
4. Treat your team members the way you want to be treated.
Treat other employees how you want them to
treat you – with respect. You belong to a team
and as you may have heard, a team is only as
strong as the weakest link.
5. Always use Petland tip sheets.
Behavioural, Maintenance, Environmental and
Nutritional are the four categories that define
the basic needs of all living things. We have
included these four basic needs in our Petland
tip sheet series, which help our guests and pet
counsellors to educate themselves about
companion pets.
6. Have Fun!
You have the advantage of working in a fun
industry. Take an active interest in pets both instore
and outside of work. Talk to guests and
co-workers about their pets.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $15.00 per hour

Work Location: In person
Calgary AB


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