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The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) has received financial support from the World Bank for Africa CDC Regional Investment Financing project to strengthen regional infectious disease detection and response systems. EPHI is the technical wing for the FMoH re-established as an exciting and dynamic autonomous federal government institute having its own legal entity in charge of three main objectives as expressed in the regulation number 301/2013: 1) Research on priority public health and nutrition issues (based on national public health research agendas), generate, translate and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge; 2) Surveillance for the early identification and detection of public health risks and prevent public health emergencies through adequate preparedness, alert, timely information to respond effectively and timely and ensure rapid recovery of the affected population from the impact of public health emergency; 3) national laboratory services on... emerging and re-emerging public health emergency threats including referral diagnostic, back up services and analytical tests and support the capacity building of health and food science laboratories at the national level for quality laboratory services. In 2018, the institute has established a National Data Management Center for health (NDMC) to transform its data systems, evidence generation and data use for public health emergency responses.

NDMC is responsible to centrally archive health and health related data; ensure data governance and security; create platforms for data sharing, access and use; process and manage data by applying robust data analytic technics, integration of datasets and apply data science to generate and synthesis evidence; and ensure evidence utilization for decision making by the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) and other relevant stakeholders at local, sub-national and national continental and international levels; ensure relevant capacities are built at local, national and regional levels and to serve as canter of excellence.

The NDMC has the responsibility of implementing Africa CDC Regional Investment Financing Project (ACDCP) functions related to developing innovative interconnected and interoperable disease surveillance and reporting systems, networking regional and continental partners and with Africa CDC and to build data analytic, disease surveillance and reporting, undertaking integrated data analysis, evidence translation, and database development and evidence synthesis, digital platforms and data sharing and, will also serve as a regional and continental information hub. EPHI is therefore looking for a high calibre Geo-Health Expert with strong qualification and experience to contribute for the effective implementation of its aforementioned responsibilities.


The objective of this post is to ensure deployment of high calibre GEO-HEALTH expert, who could have technical expertise to support public health emergency data management and disease intelligence activities of the centre through developing high-resolution GIS and analysis tools, to contribute to the success of the project as a whole. To this end, EPHI wants to recruit a Geo-Health Expert.

Roles and responsibilities
• Undertake geospatial analysis on epidemiologic, infection diseases and emergency public health data collected from different sources and archived within EPHI/NDMC to generate strong evidence for decision making
• Write scientific manuscripts and technical reports and publish in reputable journals
• Provide advanced technical expertise and support for the center’s activity in developing high-resolution 3D GIS and analysis tools for public health emergency data
• Support the data analytic and visualization team of the center to apply GIS analysis tools and techniques for the ACDC project and Center at large.
• Support the development of a GIS and other Web-based platforms for electronic data mapping and analytic activities and work closely with the data repository and governance team.
• Provide advanced technical expertise and support for the development of contemporary real-time monitoring, data broadcasting, and data interpretation tools, when necessary drone-mounted measurements.
• Take part in designing different types of epidemiologic research programs, research proposals and protocols that require geospatial data collection and analysis
• Leading geospatial analysis and evidence generation of the national and subnational burden of emerging and re-emergency public health emergencies
• Assist data analytic and visualization case team and data repository and governance case team in activities requiring advanced GIS, Geospatial health analytics, Python programming (including Jupyter Notebooks), database, or other sophisticated IT tools
• Take lead in GIS, Geospatial health related trainings for all partners working with National Data Management Centre
• Coordinate activities that require Geospatial Health (GEO-HEALTH) expertize with EPHI/NDMC partners including ACDC, Ministry of Health, regional health bureaus and partners
• Take part in Cloud computing and Web services development together with Centre team.
• Develop guidelines, protocols and standards that support implementation and application of GEO-HEALTH techniques
• Engage in other activities of the centre and the institute

• The Geo-Health Expert will work closely with NDMC, Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM), Lab capacity and Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) units and support Africa CDC Regional Investment Financing Project functions related to surveillance data management, disease intelligence, developing innovative interconnected, interoperable disease surveillance and reporting systems.

• Geo-Health Expert will report to the NDMC Coordinator
• Geo-Health Expert will base in EPHI/NDMC in Addis Ababa

Salary: Per MOF Contract Staff salary scale

Terms of employment: Contract

Duration of contract: One year with possibility of extension

Place of Work: Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Addis Ababa

Reporting to: National Data Management Center for health (NDMC), Lead

Quantity: One

Qualifications and Experiences
• MSc in GIS, or MSc in Geo-Informatics, or MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing or related field
• Background in Information Technology, Geography, Environmental Science, Epidemiology, Public Health, or Geo-informatics
• Four or more years of relevant experiences

Desired Skills and Experiences
• Ability in conceptualizing, devising and leading epidemiological researches, research strategies/ research themes that use geospatial techniques and applications ,
• Ability to work with multiple Geospatial Epidemiologic data systems and multiple data teams
• Ability to work with research institutes, academia and the health sector, with local and international collaborators
• Demonstrated ability to produce policy relevant findings from rigorous systematic reviews, in-depth analysis of studies etc.
• Ability to identify evidence demands and supplies of MOH
• Ability to assess the quality of different sources of evidence to facilitate for health policy decision
• Strong IT skills, equivalent project/work experience will be considered
• Significant experience with ESRI products (ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS pro, ArcGIS Enterprise Server) and related geospatial software
• Analysis of remote sensing Satellite and LiDAR data
• 3D modelling
• Python programming
• Knowledge and understanding of database applications
• Knowledge and understanding of Cloud computing
• Knowledge and understanding of Web services development
• Contract Duration and Remuneration
• The contract will be for one year with possible extension upon satisfactory performance and the need as of business continuity.
• Salary will be based on the qualifications and experience and in accordance with EPHI’s contract salary scale

How To Apply

Note Interested applicants can register in Online through only www.ethiojobs.net send their CVs and relevant documents at the address given below within 10 days from the first appearance of the announcement

Remarks: Please attach copies of transcripts, academic degree or recommendation letters together with the application. If not attached the copies you may be not short listed
Addis Ababa Ethiopia


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