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Rewilding Europe seeks support from a consultant with detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to evaluate the opportunity for rewilding entities and/or their partners to claim CAP subsidies for their rewilding activities.

This consultancy assignment plays a critical role in helping Rewilding Europe and many other rewilding practitioners across Europe to understand the opportunities offered by the CAP to further rewilding in an agricultural context in Europe.

The focus is on nine countries: Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain and Portugal, at the relevant national or sub-national level (such as in German federal states).

The selected consultant for this assignment will use their expert knowledge of the CAP to research and provide answers to the following questions:
• Which of the relevant Member States or federal governments have provision for subsidies related to the rewilding activities as... listed above?
• What factors may qualify for additional payments (e.g. rare breeds, Natura 2000 grazed areas, etc.)?
• What registrations are required in each country in order for a rewilding entity to be able to claim the relevant subsidies, and what is the process to complete such registration?
• Once the necessary registrations are achieved, what are the steps to be taken to apply for relevant subsidy payments?
• Which local organisations or service providers can assist rewilding entities successfully in completing both the registration process and the subsidy payment application?

Rewilding Europe will provide the consultant with information on the relevant rewilding entities, including current rewilding actions and future plans.


Containing information for each of the countries listed above (or appropriate sub-national level), the consultant shall deliver:
• List of relevant subsidies available and their values, relevant to the rewilding activities in each country.
• Recommendations on the registration and any other legal requirements necessary to enable subsidies to be claimed.
• An outline of the process for applying for these subsidies.
• List of potential local service providers to help claim subsidies.
• 2-3 case studies where rewilding (or similar) organisations have successfully claimed CAP subsidies to support their nature conservation or restoration objectives.
• A final report including all these elements and recommended actions for Rewilding Europe to obtain appropriate subsidies.

Qualifications and expertise

The consultant shall bring the following qualifications and expertise:
• Expert knowledge of the Common Agricultural Policy
• In-depth knowledge of how the CAP relates to conservation in general, and rewilding specifically
• Proven experience in interpreting the CAP or another EU policy for use by practitioner organisations, ideally through consultations.
• Good understanding of rewilding in the European context.

Proposal and Deadline

The consultant is expected to submit a 2-3 page proposal before 18:00 CET on 15 July 2024, and CV with an overview of the experience of the consultant.

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