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1- Advanced Analytics & Data Modelling (To All Commercial Functions)
• Understand business requirement for Consumer Business Unit and implement data Science models to do value addition on top of existing analytics
• Full stack AI/ML based model development & Lifecycle management.
• DS Requirement analysis and Project management
• Statistical analysis and data visualization.
• Develop and deploy various AI & DS models for revenue generation, cost reduction, and operational enhancement.
• Collaborate with diverse teams to devise innovative data products for B2C and B2B markets.
• Conduct comprehensive business analysis to provide insights for strategic decision-making.
• Perform data pre-processing, feature engineering, and exploratory data analysis.
• Build ETL pipelines to transform unstructured data into suitable formats.
• Develop automated analytics solutions and APIs for data access and integration.
• Deal with various data formats and apply techniques for data enrichment.
•... Integrate with big data ecosystems and optimize SQL queries.
• Utilize tools like Airflow/ MLFlow for automated data pipelines and statistical methods for transformation.
• Working as part of shared function across organization on use cases to support product growth, cost optimization, customer engagement etc.
• Feature engineering and insights through statistical measures/algorithms/graphs/info graphics.
• Support to enhance business processes for data monetization, commercialization whilst offering valuable insights to improve customer experience across touch points.
• Presenting results of the models in a business friendly format
• Visualization of key business insights and data using advanced techniques and tools
• Continuous support to use case owner departments by optimizing the models via optimization and self-learning
• Aggressive tracking of results and utilization of leads.
• Manage the Data Science Operational Framework
• Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques.
• Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges using key insights from AA models.

2- Use Case Formulation & Insights exploitation (Marketing / Sales Team Specific - B2B / B2C )
• Work closely with marketing team and provide segment specific recommendations and insights to improve targeting efficiencies and yield.
• Work in close coordination with CVM team and develop cross functional shared business use cases.
• Develop strategic use case models such as customer 360 , LTV , Survival models, segmentations ...
• Develop use cases for sales and distribution using spatial data / NW data and competition customer data.
• Harvest social data for targeted communication, customer sentiments, identifying behavioral and interest based communities digital targeting.

3- Data ecosystem Development & Maintenance (Technology)
• Closely work with Technology BI team on matters related to Data, platforms and software.
• Identify and integrate new data sources to Big data platform.
• Governance and access rights on AA platforms and data.
• Integration and sharing of AA model outputs with various customer touchpoints and IT systems.
• Inputs for Platform Performance and vendor selection
• Support planning activities for Analytics capabilities

4- Internal & External Organizational Collaboration (With The Group)
• Collaborate and aligned with Group AA team for strategic initiatives and policies.
• Engage with peers in the group and opcos and share knowledge and models.
• Ensure AA models and technologies are well communicated, understood and adopted by business units and users in a timely manner.
• Implement Group team’s recommendations and fulfil the requirements as per their guidelines


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