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General Description

The PM will be required to assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of various projects. They are required to possess basic communication and conflict resolution skills. Working closely with project teams, the PM ensures effective collaboration, timely progress updates, and resolution of any issues that may arise. By maintaining project documentation, monitoring timelines, and optimizing resource allocation, this role contributes to the successful delivery of projects.

Roles and responsibilities

The responsibilities of a PM may include:
• Assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of assigned projects.
• Centralize the team’s project goals, objectives, and deliverables.
• Communicate project progress, timelines, and milestones to stakeholders.
• Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among project team members.
• Identify and resolve conflicts or issues that may arise during project execution.
• Support the project team in... maintaining project documentation and records.
• Monitor project timelines and ensure adherence to established schedules.
• Assist in resource allocation and tracking to optimize project efficiency.
• Provide regular updates to project stakeholders on project status and risks.
• Contribute to continuous improvement initiatives within the project management process.

• Coursing last semester of University Bachelor’s Degree - Preferably in Information Technology, Systems Engineering


A PM needs to have mastery and continuous improvement in the following aspects:

• Basic Project Management & Agile knowledge (no certifications necessary)
• Waterfall & Agile Project Management Software: Basic knowledge in MS Project, Asana, Trello, Jira, or the like.
• Document Management: Proficiency in document management tools such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides).
• Data Analysis: Basic data analysis skills using tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can help in tracking project metrics, analyzing trends, and generating reports for stakeholders.
• Presentation Skills: Developing skills in creating impactful presentations using software like Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi.
• Collaboration Tools: Proficiency in using collaboration and communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

• Basic Communication Skills to effectively convey information and ideas to team members and stakeholders.
• Basic Conflict Resolution Skills to identify and address basic conflicts or disagreements that may arise within the project team.
• Critical Thinking to analyze information and think logically to make informed decisions.


A PM could have any of the following but is not required to:
• Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®
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