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**Job Description**

\- Stock/Assets Tracking Management
\- Efficient Inventory Management and Over All Warehouse Management
\- Warehouse Documentation and Reporting
\- Goods Safeguarding and Movements Management
\- Cooperation in Logistics related activities.
\- Cooperation in fleet/rental vehicles management
\- Cooperation in the processing of procurement related activities.
\- Identify which and how much stock to order at what time, track/store/record/dispatch the stock/inventory.
\- Keep updated all the documentation related to inventory like bin card, store release card/form, stock card, delivery reports by having the close coordination with SC colleagues.
\- Understand, implement and / or maintain standard IRC inventory management policies and procedures.
\- Keeps assigned stores area(s) and goods and supplies in a clean and tidy condition.
\- Conduct routine inventory inspection and submit report to line manager in a timely manner.
\- Conduct Regular Warehouse inspection for... pests, insects, and rodents’ control, take necessary action for any foreseen situations.
\- Implement and ensure clear safety procedures.
\- Implement and ensure clear loading / unloading procedures, correct stacking, and turnover (FIFO) and (FEFO) procedures.
\- Advise the supply chain manager of warehouse-specific issues or improvements.
\- Maintain the Warehouse activity book recording of all outgoing and incoming receipts and activities.
\- Liaise with Procurement/SC Officers for the receipt of goods, supplies and equipment through proper documentation such as receipt of approved PR, Purchase Order, Invoice, and delivery report.
\- Conduct regular 20% cycle count and spot check in line with IRC policy and procedure.
\- Monitor the needed Items stock replenishment mechanism.
\- Manage the close expiry products and inform line manager at least 8 months in advance for an immediate decision making.
\- To coordinate with line manager for the safe disposal of expired or disposed materials and maintain the approval and records in proper filing.
\- To ensure all assets, inventory, and warehouse data backup system. This includes scan of documents as digitalized with proper file name and date and both soft and hard copies are backed up monthly and submitted to line manager.
\- Ensure that documentation is regularly sent to the final storage location and that necessary documentation is ready to move should an evacuation be needed.
\- Maintain Waybills and Receipts of goods in support of Contribution in Kind (CIK) documentation.
\- Prepare a monthly report for the expendable items/inventory outlining all stock movements and remaining balances.
\- Manage casual laborers in the warehouse while handling goods or relocating.
\- Ensure the maintenance of warehouse building(s), fittings and equipment on a regular basis.
\- Tag and record all the items received in Asset’s data base before issuing them to requesting unit and coordinate well with the supply chain colleagues.
\- Maintains records and provides information regarding stores activities; ensures correct coding on stock items and maintains security measures.
\- Sorting, placing, and putting away the goods in the appropriate place in the warehouse according to each Program, donor, and grants coding.
\- Prepare appropriate documentations for shipment of goods moving from one location to another one and update warehouse documents and records.
\- Facilitate an efficient coordination for the movement of goods from the local supplier or coming from main office Kabul in close coordination with line manager
\- Oversee trucks loading/off-loading operations to ensure all policies and procedures are followed accordingly.
\- On a monthly basis, work with the supply Chain Manager/Snr. SC Officer to reconcile the Warehouse register, asset tracking sheet, equipment issue forms and supplies receipt and release.
\- Maintain a transparent, honest, and supportive communication structure with colleagues to ensure they are kept informed of applicable logistical activities and requirements.
\- Cooperate in the processing of procurement related documentation with the team like, printing, scanning, goods receipt, filing and other related activities assigned by the team.
\- Cooperate in vehicles dispatchment, rental vehicles drivers’ management, equal vehicles utilization assurance, log sheets monitoring, data collection, implementation vehicles movements planning and overall management of vehicles.
\- Any other duties and tasks assigned by supervisor.
• *Qualifications**

\- Bachelor’s Degree/in economics, management science/business administration, or similar fields.
\- At least 1 to 2 years’ experience working in warehouse storage/logistics/inventory management.
\- Experience working INGOs/NGOs and Knowledge of specific donor guidelines.
\- Field experience of managing inventory/supplies/stock storage or products in the past.
\- Experience in mitigating risk of fraud in the inventory management.
\- Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
\- Strong analytical skills and computer competency with word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and other IT skills.
\- Possess leadership qualities and willing to exercise initiative.
\- Strong work ethic and pro-active problem solver.
\- Willingness to participate, contribute and lead the team under challenging working and living conditions.
\- Spoken and written English fluency preferably with command of Pashto and Dari
Kunduz Afghanistan


Apply - Warehouse Storekeeper ( Afghan Nationals Only ) Kunduz