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All Our Positions Are Volunteer Based As Arcadia Follows Non For Profit Aims For Its Missions. Volunteership Contract Duration Is 1 Year Term With Possible Extensions.

Who we are & What do we believe?

Arcadia is a non-profit organization that aims to share and spread academic content to people all around the world. It focuses on diverse sub-categories across all disciplines, from art, literature and history, to science as well as providing art contents on social media platforms. At Arcadia, the academic team consists of over 70 international writers and 218 members. Arcadia does write in many fields with Higher Education Academic level articles with the aim of sharing the knowledge our team has, to allow all the people around the globe to benefit from this knowledge without any charges or subscriptions.

Wherever you are, whoever you are !

We believe that the internet is one of the greatest resources people have, giving us the opportunity to exceed our physical boundaries. Arcadia... welcomes all regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age. We embrace diversity and as an international NGO with more than 79 different nationalities, our aim is to support diversity in our teams and give people all around the world the chance to work and grow in their fields of interest.

Who We Are Recruiting For Position?

We, as Arcadia, are looking for people who are interested in the Human Resources department with supporting resumes for the position they are applying for. We will be hiring 1 person to our human resources communications department for the Human Resources Communications Manager position and responsibilities for this position will be as listed below:

As the Human Resources Communicaitons Manager at Arcadia, you will assume a multifaceted role, overseeing various critical functions within our HR department.Your responsibilities include evaluating and selecting communication channels, strategically managing communication officers within internal and external sub-departments, and ensuring comprehensive onboarding for new team members through virtual meetings and detailed guidance. You will collaborate with the Chief Human Resources Officer to develop and update guides and resources, creating and distributing new documents as necessary. Additionally, you will maintain personalised records of team members' activities, including vacation requests, absences, training attendance, and contract terminations, diligently tracking overall team activities and reporting directly to senior management. You will be responsible for managing two sub-departments: internal affairs, focusing on organisation and member-based communications, and external affairs, partnering with the recruitment department for candidate relations. This role demands strong strategic planning, organisational skills, and excellent communication abilities to foster a supportive and well-coordinated team environment.

If you are looking for a position that will really give you the strongest career, in an international work environment which genuinely cares about every member, then this is the role for you. We are looking for people who show passion and enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and the drive to succeed in an international organisation where they would like to have experience and learn in the field of Human Resources Management.

Soft Skills & Strong Skills

In-depth knowledge of human resources principles and practices: As a Human Resource Communication Manager, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the principles and practices that guide effective recruitment and hiring processes. This includes understanding how to identify and evaluate the qualifications and experience of potential candidates, as well as how to develop and implement recruitment strategies.

Strong communication skills: Excellent communication skills are essential for a Human Resource Communication Manager, as the role involves frequent interaction with members and other stakeholders in the department, all around the world. This includes the ability to clearly convey information and ideas through speaking, writing, and listening, as well as the ability to adapt communication style to different audiences.

Proficiency with data management and reporting: As a Human Resources Communications Manager, it is important to have strong attention to detail and the ability to accurately maintain data related to efficiency and recruitment policies. This may also involve preparing weekly reports and other documents, which requires proficiency with data management and presentation tools with strong usage of Google Drive.

Conflict resolution skills: A Human Resources Communications Manager, you may encounter conflicts or challenges during the management process of external relations with candidates, and it is important to have strong conflict resolution skills in order to effectively handle these situations. This includes the ability to identify the root cause of conflicts, communicate effectively with all parties involved, and work towards a resolution that is satisfactory to all parties.

What Are Our Requirements For The Position?

● A bachelor's or master's degree in a relevant field such as Psychology, Human Resource Management, International Relations or a related discipline preferred but not limited.

● Extensive knowledge of human resources principles and practices, including recruiting, hiring, and employee relations, culture building and management experience in human resources is strongly desired. Team management experience required.

● Proficiency in using google workspace and mailing tools to oversee and guide communication channels of organisation.

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, including the ability to adapt communication style to different audiences

● Proficiency with data entry and reporting, including the ability to accurately maintain records related to members and prepare weekly reports using data analysis and presentation tools

● Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage a high volume of work and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

● Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team and collaborate with others, including HRTDD and HR Recruitment Manager.

● Strong conflict resolution skills, with the ability to identify and effectively resolve conflicts or challenges that may arise during the recruitment process

● A desire to advance your career in the human resources field, with a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

● Demonstrated sensitivity to cultural, gender-based, religious, racial, national, and age differences, as well as a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

● The highest standards of integrity and discretion, with the ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information.

What We Offer:

● An online certificate with international serial number, after completing 1 year in Arcadia.

●The opportunity to work with a team of experienced directors, SCO, and advisors, as well as receive training and guidance to develop your skills and knowledge in the field.

●Arcadia executive education program tailored for you with 6 certificates, 120 hours.

● Possibility of contract renewal with advancement at your field at the end of your 1 year according to evaluation of the HR Consul.

● The opportunity to work remotely, providing flexibility and the ability to balance your work with other commitments.

● The chance to work with a diverse team of individuals from around the world, supporting the organisation's commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

● Being credited with your name, picture and also being credited in the '' Team '' section.


● A flexible schedule based on deadlines-based projects. Weekly workload of around 8 to 10 hours.

● Training sessions from our valuable and well-experienced team members.

● Being part of our volunteer-based organisation, and the satisfaction of contributing and doing good to the world.

Arcadia is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, familial status and other legally protected characteristics


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