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About Inspectorio

Inspectorio is the leading AI-powered supply chain platform optimizing performance, building resilience, and providing intelligence across production chains for global brands, retailers, and their multi-tier suppliers.

Our innovative platform seamlessly connects and digitizes supply chain processes to optimize decision-making, while providing real-time visibility and control over production chain operations.

Today, Inspectorio is used by over 12,000 customers, including some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

About The Role

We’re looking for a Technical Product Manager who is passionate about solving difficult problems and making things better. This role is critical for the successful development and management of our platform strategy and execution. You will act as the bridge between the engineering team and the business stakeholders, ensuring that the platform meets the needs of both the users and the company.

What You'll Do
• Platform... Strategy: You will provide input into defining the overall platform strategy. This will be done by collaborating with stakeholders, including executives, business leaders, and engineers, to understand the market dynamics, user needs, and business objectives. Based on this understanding, you will help define the platform’s vision, roadmap, and feature prioritization.
• Gathering User Insights: Through close user research, collect feedback to understand their pain points, requirements, and preferences. By conducting user research, usability testing, and market analysis you will then identify opportunities or improvement and new feature development. By understanding user needs, you will then help support and direct the platform engineering team in developing solutions that provide value to the users.
• Translating Business Requirements: You will collaborate with stakeholders to translate business requirements into technical specifications, ensuring that the platform meets the strategic objectives of the organization. You will work closely with platform engineers to define the platform’s features, functionalities, and user experience, while considering technical feasibility and constraints.
• Prioritizing Platform Enhancements: You are responsible for prioritizing platform enhancements and feature development. This will be done by using a combination of market insights, user feedback, business goals, and technical considerations to make informed decisions about what features and improvements should be prioritized. By effectively managing the product backlog and aligning with the platform engineering team, you will ensure that the most valuable features are developed and delivered.
• Collaboration with Platform Engineering Team: Work closely with the platform engineering team throughout the development lifecycle. Define and refine requirements, provide clarifications, and address any technical challenges that may arise. By maintaining open lines of communication and fostering a collaborative environment, you will help ensure the successful execution of the platform engineering initiatives.
• Monitoring Platform Performance: You are responsible for monitoring the performance of the platform, including key metrics such as user engagement, adoption rates, and user satisfaction. Analyze data and usage patterns to identify areas for improvement and growth. By closely monitoring the platform’s performance, you will help identify opportunities for optimization and guide the platform engineering team in implementing necessary updates and enhancements.
• Facilitating Platform Growth: You will drive the growth of the platform. By collaborating with marketing, sales, and business development teams to develop strategies for user acquisition, retention, and expansion. Help identify partnerships, integrations, and new market opportunities that can fuel the platform’s growth. By understanding the market landscape and user needs, you will guide the platform engineering team in developing features and functionalities that contribute to the platform’s growth.

• Product Management Expertise: Strong understanding of agile development methodologies & Experience with a variety of product management tools and frameworks Technical Expertise: Possess a deep understanding of the platform’s technical architecture, data flows, and integrations, enabling effective communication with development teams.
• UI / UX: Strong knowledge of UX Design Patterns & best practices
• Problem-solving: Has a strong curiosity to understand the root cause of problems and to find creative solutions. Is not afraid to ask questions and to challenge the status quo.
• Stakeholder management: Builds and maintains relationships with stakeholders. Manages expectations and resolves conflicts.
• Communication Skills: Excellent ability to communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders, including clients, users, engineers, and designers.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Passion to create worldwide first-class platform.
• Seek for excellence, always be courageous, work in autonomy but keep yourself humble.


Why it would be awesome to work with us
• 🍹 Unlimited Annual Leave: We prioritize your well-being and trust you to manage your time.
• 🏝️ Flexible Working: Whether from home, a coffee shop, or our global hubs, work where you're most comfortable.
• 💪 Project Ownership: You get to lead the initiatives you're passionate about, professionally or socially.
• 🌱 Grow with us: We're invested in your personal and professional development.
• 🌎 Global, diverse, and innovative team: Be part of a welcoming community from 30+ countries, where unique perspectives drive innovation.
• 🤝 Feel at home: Work closely with colleagues who value your voice, share our E.A.C.H. values, and help you be the best version of yourself.
• 🎉 Celebrate together: Enjoy remote and hub company and team events that strengthen our bonds and build a fun culture.

Our Values
• EXCELLENCE: We pursue mastery and craftsmanship. "Good enough" is our enemy. We have a thirst and desire for knowledge. There's always an opportunity to be better.
• AUTONOMY: We act independently when recognizing opportunities for improvement. We seek guidance and clear goals instead of orders. We self-assess the quality and impact of our work.
• COURAGE: We share our opinion, even if it's uncomfortable. We are candid with colleagues. We are willing to experiment and try something new, even if we're not sure it will succeed.
• HUMBLENESS: We crave opportunities to learn from the people around us. We leave our egos outside the office. We focus on listening to other perspectives


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