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We are seeking a compassionate and skilled veterinarian to join our team. You will play a crucial role in providing medical care to animals in need, ensuring their health and well-being while they are under our care. Your responsibilities will include performing medical examinations, diagnosing illnesses and injuries, administering treatments, and overseeing the overall health management of animals in the shelter.


Medical Examinations
• Conduct thorough medical examinations of incoming animals to assess their health status and identify any medical concerns or conditions professionally and efficiently.
• Monitoring rescued animals, including those in isolation or quarantine, for signs of illness or abnormal behavior.
• Understanding the physical and behavioral traits of domestic animals.
• Strong clinical skills and knowledge across a range of veterinary specialties, including surgery, anesthesia, dentistry, and preventive care.

Diagnosis and Treatment
•... Excellent diagnostic abilities, preventing illnesses, injuries, and diseases in animals, and proficiency in developing treatment plans for a variety of medical conditions.
• Administer medications, vaccinations, and other necessary medical interventions as needed.
• Conducting regular Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Liver Function Tests (LFT) & Renal Function Tests (RFT) for inpatient and permanent shelter animals regularly and interpret the results.
• Understanding the fundamental principles and methodologies of clinical diagnosis.
• Strong surgical knowledge, including spay/neuter, orthopaedic, soft tissue procedures etc.

Pet Follow-Ups
• Assess the physical condition and behavior of animals post-recovery to determine their readiness for release.
• Notifying pet owners in case of pet decease or euthanasia, explaining the cause of death.
• Providing updates on pet conditions to pet owners upon request.
• Provide guidance and support to pet parents or caregivers on the proper care and management of released pets.
• Conduct post-release follow-ups to monitor the welfare of released animals and ensure they remain healthy and safe.

Health Management
• Implement and oversee health management protocols for all animals in the shelter, including vaccination schedules, parasite control, and disease prevention measures.
• Providing food and administering supplements to inpatient pets based on medical needs, recording details in treatment records.
• Maintaining a clean and safe environment, including proper sterilization of kennels, wards, equipment and adherence to infection control protocols.

Emergency Care
• Provide emergency medical care to animals in critical condition, including stabilization, treatment, and monitoring.

• Work closely with shelter staff, including animal caretakers and coordinators, to ensure coordinated care for animals and facilitate their passive adoption process.
• Collaborating with the management regarding euthanasia decisions for animals suffering from serious illness or severe injury.
• Coordinating with medical staff or subordinates to ensure completion of medical tasks on a daily basis.

Education and Outreach
• Participate in educational initiatives and outreach programs to promote responsible pet ownership, preventive healthcare, and community engagement with the shelter.
• Effectively communicating the condition and status of animals to staff and the public.
• Providing veterinary guidance to shelter staff on relevant matters.
• Training staff in administering first aid, vaccinations, and other paramedical duties.

Record Keeping
• Maintain accurate and detailed medical records for all shelter animals, including examination findings, diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, vaccinations and follow-up care.
• Oversee inventory management of medical supplies, medications, and equipment, and ensure proper storage and usage.

• Ensure compliance with relevant regulations (AWBI, state and municipal animal health laws), standards of care, and veterinary medical ethics in all aspects of shelter operations and animal care.
• Developing and implementing written medical treatment protocols to ensure high standards of care for all shelter animals.
• Developing and executing goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and work standards for medical personnel.
• Monitoring, maintaining, and ensuring quality control of drugs used within the shelter and in the field.
• Performing routine operations and maintenance on medical machinery, equipment, and devices to meet standards.

Performing other related duties as required to support the operation of the animal shelter and the welfare of its residents.

Knowledge of:
• Proficiency in computer skills, including Microsoft office, presentation software etc.
• Familiarity with typical office protocols, methods, and equipment.
• Knowledge of safety protocols and adherence to safe working procedures.
• Competency in mathematical operations, including proportion calculation, percentage determination, volume measurement, ratio assessment, and fraction computation.
• Skill in maintaining precise record-keeping.

• Masters degree (preferred) in veterinary medicine from a recognized institution.
• Valid license to practice veterinary medicine in the state or jurisdiction of employment.
• Board certification or specialized training in veterinary medicine is preferred but not required.

Required Background, Experience and Skills:
• Total 5+ years of experience in clinical veterinary medicine, with a focus on small animal care, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of various medical conditions.
• Extensive experience in preventative care, including vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, and nutrition counseling for pets.
• Strong knowledge and application of diagnostic techniques, including radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, and laboratory testing for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
• Experience in emergency and critical care medicine, including triage, stabilization, and ongoing management of critically ill or injured animals.
• Proficiency in client communication and education, including discussing treatment options, prognosis, and preventive care recommendations with pet owners.
• Commitment to continuing education and professional development to stay current with advancements in veterinary medicine, surgery etc.
• Proficiency in managing animals, encompassing the handling of aggressive or feral ones, with safety, correctness, and compassion.

The role of a Veterinary Physician is indispensable in ensuring the health and well-being of the shelter’s residents. Beyond providing medical treatment, this position entails a commitment to promoting animal welfare and serving as a beacon of compassion within the community. By combining veterinary expertise with a dedication to animal care and community advocacy, the Veterinary Physician contributes significantly to the shelter’s mission of providing a safe haven for animals in need
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