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Woolworths Financial Services follows a Work-in-Hybrid work structure which requires employees to work from home for the majority of their time with some rotation into office


The Senior Commercial Analyst (Store Card) role provides actionable commercial insights through the identification and analysis of data to drive opportunities to strengthen and grow the commercial position of the Store Card product. In addition, the role is expected to apply developed analytical tools to make sense of gathered data and distil actionable insights that contribute to the building of business cases, to support business decision making. To participate in the crafting of the Card strategy relevant to the Commercial business, based on an understanding of the Woolworths Financial Services (WFS) context and aligned to WFS practices. To support In the Operationalization of the... product strategy for the Cards business, positioning it as an accelerator of the CVP, and a driver of value and revenue creation.


Data Analytics
• Define analytic requirements needed for Business As Usual analytics, as well as special data analytics requests to create a structured framework upon which to analyse data.
• Identify key business questions and challenges related to the commercial growth of Store Card that require further analyses to build appropriate business case(s).
• Liaise with CI and Advanced Analytics team (core analytics) to identify salient information that is required to develop and test hypotheses and coordinate the use of appropriate customer data to support analyses and to communicate insights against the key business questions and challenges posed.
• Understand the potential driving forces behind Store Cards’ uptake success and create hypotheses to test how Store Cards’ service offering is prescribed to develop meaningful indicators to measure success.

Insight Generation and Reporting
• Extract, prepare and develop day-to-day data insights, utilizing the script provided by the CI and Advanced Analytics team.
• Apply data visualisation, descriptive and summative statistical techniques to provide value- add and timely insights.
• Use deductive and inductive research approaches to deliver impactful and insightful commercial reports on product performance that support business decision making.
• Identify potential drivers and predictors of current Store Card holder spend and potential customer spend through the delivery of high-quality insights by means of propensity modelling, structuring them in a Next-Best Action (NBA) plan.
• Create Business Intelligence dashboards to enable the Commercial Lead to make commercial decisions.
• Adhere to WFS data policies, in line with CI and Advanced Analytics data standards so that quality data is consistently and appropriately stored, used, and managed.

Revenue Optimisation Opportunities
• Provide specialist insight and input into the formulation of operational plans to realize revenue optimization strategies.
• Focus on the integration of multiple revenue streams within Cards to realize scalable growth of the Cards business.
• Understand Card pricing strategies and identify opportunities to acquire, retain and expand on revenue generated to improve the standing and commercial viability of the Cards business.
• Maintain a wholistic view of revenue optimization- striving to enhance the overall sum of income, as well as the impact of each individual product sale.
• Analyze market conditions to develop evidence-based revenue optimisation strategies.
• Identify expense reduction opportunities, in conjunction with the Commercial Lead, and create plans and tracking to drive cost reduction strategies.
• Run sensitivity analyses and create revenue optimization models to determine optimal solutions that sustain and protect revenue generation.

Drive Commercial Levers
• Identify potential future commercial opportunities for Store Card through the analysis of data (i.e., where customer needs are not currently being met).
• Utilize customer data, journeys and personas to understand and tap into high-margin customer segments that are likely to be positively influenced by an expanding product offering.
• Build business cases for the continued development of innovative Store Card offerings, by motivating for the appropriate investments.
• Analyze key indicators of Store Cards’ success and assess the extent to which the service offering is commercially viable; make recommendations to enhance commercial viability.
• Conduct root-cause analyses on the performance of the Store Card, to identify the fundamental cause of performance outcomes.
• Apply sound logic and economic/commercial concepts to identify data trends and areas where more complex analyses are required and highlight this for the attention of CI and Advanced Analytics team to action.
• Test the commercial viability of opportunities, guided by the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and risk appetite of the Cards business.
• Propel the commercial viability of opportunities post-testing to gain critical mass.

Financial and Commercial Acumen
• Based on key findings of model implementation and data analyses, propose opportunities proactively to optimise the commercialisation of the WFS Store Card offerings.
• Maintain and apply a broad understanding of commercial and financial growth principles to ensure decisions are fiscally sound and responsible.
• Maintain an understanding of drivers of commercial success, and how to position Store Card offerings to strengthen competitive advantage.
• Distil insights of the market, industry, and commercial environment of WFS and juxtapose this against the impact of Store Card offerings.
• Analyse budget forecasts throughout the year, to track extent of budgetary adherence and make adjustments, as needed, in conjunction with the Commercial Lead.

Stakeholder Management
• Build and maintain relationships with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure information, advice, or opinions regarding the commercialization of Store Card offerings is made available and/or communicated appropriately and timeously.

• Postgraduate Qualification (minimum Honours) in Finance/Accounting.

• 5 - 7 years of experience working in a Consumer organization.
• Experience in assessing opportunities for commercial viability.

• Commercial & Financial Analytics
• Market Awareness
• Product Knowledge
• Customer Understanding
• Performance Benchmarking

Woolworths Financial Services is a proud South African brand, who is committed to transformation. Meeting our employment equity goals will be taken into account in our recruitment decisions.

Closing Date: 11 JUNE 2024
Cape Town South Africa


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