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Who is our client and your future employer? The company where energy is the opportunity! Our client occupies a unique position in the global energy industry. They are the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the lowest upstream carbon intensity of any major producer. With significant investment in technology and infrastructure, they strive to maximize the value of the energy they produce for the world and commit to enhancing value to society. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with offices around the world, our client combines market discipline with a generations-spanning view of the future, born of our nine decades of experience as responsible stewards of the Kingdom's vast hydrocarbon resources. This responsibility has driven us to deliver significant societal and economic benefits to not just the Kingdom, but also to many communities, economies, and countries that rely on the vital and reliable energy we supply. This company is one of the most... profitable in the world and amongst the top five global companies by market capitalization. LHR Americas LHR Americas recruits people from around the world to work in Saudi Arabia. Who are we looking for? We are seeking a technology consultant to join Global Manufacturing Excellence in order to support the development and deployment of technology management programs aimed at providing technical support across Global Manufacturing portfolio. Your primary role is to ideate, introduce, deploy and sustain novel and innovative technological solutions within various domains including reliability, maintenance, sustainability, energy and process. Minimum Requirements Bachelors degree in Engineering or related field (Chemical, Industrial, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering). A Masters' degree is preferred. +15 years of experience as a Technology Consultant ideating, scouting, introducing and tracking value added technology deployment. Good understanding of downstream technologies, including but not limited to refinery processes. Experience in developing business case and benefit/cost analysis for downstream technology. Experience in working collaboratively in cross-functional teams, across the project lifecycle, fostering effective communication and cooperation. Demonstrate excellent understanding of management of change, engineering and design package as well as regulatory, risk mitigation and safety requirements. Experience in change management, including developing and implementing technology changes. Demonstrate understanding of relevant industry energy, safety and design regulations and standards, ensuring compliance of proposed technology solutions. Demonstrate excellent understanding of manufacturing technology solutions enabling the key process areas including production, reliability, environmental, safety and sustainability. Strong project management skills with a proven track record of successfully leading and delivering complex technology implementation projects in the O&G; business. Key Responsibilities Lead the implementation of technologies across downstream assets, including refineries and petrochemical facilities. Develop technology roadmaps addressing business challenges like energy optimization and sustainability. Accelerate technology deployment by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders. Conduct feasibility studies for evaluating technical and economic aspects of new solutions. Scout for innovative technologies to enhance value and efficiency. Create business cases and perform cost/benefit analysis for technology deployment. Collaborate with consultants and project managers to deliver comprehensive solutions. Prepare progress reports and presentations for stakeholders and senior management. Develop training programs to support technology implementation and adoption. Update standards and governance to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Stay updated on industry trends and regulatory changes impacting technology implementation. Provide technical leadership and support for technology design and execution teams. Job Benefits Monthly Base Salary – aligned with company employees with similar skills Monthly Overbase – 25% of your monthly base salary Benefits Supplement – 20% of your monthly base salary, after 3 years of service, reward increases to 25% of base, after 6 years 30% of base, and after 12 years 35% of base Severance Package (2-year vest period) – year 2 to 5: 2 week's pay for each year of service, Year 6+: 4 week's pay for each year after Employment Tax – if employee chooses to separate themselves from their 'home country' for income tax purposes, most will not be required to pay 'home country' income taxes; company will not report income to the 'home country' governments. Please check with your tax advisor for specifics relating to you Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) (eligible after 12 months of service) – maximum purchase equal to 10% monthly base pay with a cap, 20% share discount Incentive Plan – annual; based on performance, approx. 1.8x monthly base salary Travel Allowance – annual; approx. $8,200 per household member 11+ years old residing in Saudi Arabia and $6,000 per household member under 11 years old Vacation & Paid Holidays – 38 vacation days / 4 travel days / 11-13 paid holidays Medical/Dental Plan – complimentary in-Kingdom Johns Hopkins medical care/facilities for employee and eligible family members. In-Kingdom dental services subsidized Educational Assistance Plan (EAP) – Out of Kingdom Assistance: 90% of expenses with a maximum per child, lesser of 5x monthly base salary or the company max ($48.5K), plus 3 round-trip economy air travel tickets; undergraduate college-age children get 2 round-trip economy air travel tickets; In Kingdom Assistance: 2x monthly base salary or the company max ($16.3K) Settling in Allowance – one-time payment; Family Status - 100% of monthly base salary; Single/Bachelor Status – 60% of monthly base salary Stages of our Hiring Process 1. Resume Evaluation: A member of our recruitment team will evaluate that your resume matches the client's job description requirement. Use the job description requirements to highlight your relevant experience and skills. Be specific and describe the significance of your work, keyword alignment is important. Emphasize the impact of the work you've contributed to HR areas and tasks. Use your professional profile/resume to focus on major accomplishments and qualifications that match the job. If your resume evaluation is suitable for this position, the recruitment team will invite you to a preliminary phone/video interview in 2-3 days. If your resume evaluation is not suitable, you will be receiving an e-mail notification in 2-3 days. 2. Interviews Stage: 2.1 LHR Americas preliminary phone/video interview: A member of the Talent Acquisition team from LHR Americas will first schedule a call with you to discuss the details of the position, your interests, and qualifications. Furthermore, your English level will be evaluated at this stage, ONLY native or advanced speakers will approve this evaluation. If this preliminary phone/video interview is successful, your resume will be submitted to our client. If your preliminary phone/video interview is not successful, our Talent Acquisition consultant will inform you. 2.2 Client Face to Face interview: This interview will happen only if your resume is approved by our client, we cannot guarantee the time our client will take to approve your resume, but it should take less than a week. If your resume is approved a member of the Talent Acquisition Team will get back to you and schedule a face-to-face meeting in a defined location. You will be told to go to the location. The client interview contains technical questions that help assess your familiarity with problem-solving in your given field and may include a behavioral evaluation. Be prepared to explain how you approach problems and produce solutions. If your face-to-face interview is successful, the hiring team will further evaluate your resume, decide, and then receive a conditional job offer. If your face-to-face interview is not approved, LHR Americas will inform you. 2.3 There could be additional video interviews with hiring managers, which may also contain technical questions that help us assess your familiarity with problem-solving in your given field. 3. Conditional Offer: A successful interview may result in a conditional offer of employment. Conditions for employment include but are not limited to medical examinations, and permission to secure a visa to work and reside in-country. 4. Relocation Process: After your offer is accepted and all conditions for employment are met, you will be assigned a relocation advisor from LHR Americas. This advisor will be your go-to resource for your job transition, providing valuable advice on visa logistics, notice periods, medical requirements, and more


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