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CDI- Urgo Medical
• Paris
The company:
URGO is an international family-owned group, founded in France, specializing in health and wellness.

With 3,500 employees, it is present in more than 60 countries around the world and has a turnover of 750 million euros.
URGO has developed a solid portfolio of very well-known brands such as JUVAMINE, ALVITYL, URGO, and MERCUROCHROME.

URGO is recognized for its strong capacity for innovation, and is, for example, one of the world's experts in advanced wound healing.

By joining URGO HEALTHCARE Laboratories - the Group's entity specialized in consumer health (first aid - URGO, food supplements - ALVITYL - ENT - HUMER), you will join a dynamic group, able to offer you diversified and accelerated career paths, both in France and internationally.
URGO is a Happy Trainees certified company that values excellence and audacity in everyone.

The offer:

_Announcement in English followed by the French version_

About Urgo Medical
Urgo Medical, a key... division of the URGO Group, is at the forefront of revolutionizing wound care. Our team of over 1500 passionate employees is dedicated to developing and promoting advanced, innovative dressings and holistic solutions. As The Healing Company, our mission is to significantly benefit patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems globally.

Join our mission

Reporting to the Digital and Commercial Excellence Director and managing a team of 3 product managers,
your role as Global Brand Manager Digital Solutions is to lead the digital revolution in wound care at Urgo Medical.

Your core missions:

Grow and Engage the Healico Community:
• Ensure immediate understanding and value of Healico upon first use.
• Develop and execute a dynamic editorial plan to keep the community engaged.
• Regularly analyze and act on app KPIs to enhance user experience.
• Deliver outstanding customer support across all markets
• Integrate realtime user feedback into the development process.
• Support the launch and development of Healico in the countries
• Train marketing and sales teams on Healico, integrating it into broader brand strategies.
• Continually update Healico with medical education content and adapt the feature roadmap based on user insights and technology trends.
• Drive Healico lifecycle management (roadmap)
Promote Marketing Excellence:
• Conduct competitive analysis to identify new development areas for the brand.
• Keep the brand toolkit uptodate and oversee its implementation across markets.
• Support brand managers in enhancing their marketing capabilities and fostering best practice sharing.
• Cultivate synergies between Healico and other Urgo Medical brands.
Lead Digital Marketing Initiatives:
• Embed digital strategies into all brand plans, ensuring a comprehensive digital footprint.
• Share digital marketing methodologies and best practices across the organization.
• Serve as a consultant to support local digital marketing initiatives and ensure successful execution of the Urgo Medical Digital Conference (UMDC).
• Manage the integration of medical education content on the Urgo Medical website, optimizing for SEO across geographies.

Your Skillset:
A Fusion of Expertise and Vision
Digital and User Centricity: Focused on both digital trends and user needs.
Creative and Inspirational: You're a storyteller, crafting narratives that engage and inspire.
Innovative and Adaptable Mindset: A passion for testing new ideas and learning from outcomes. You thrive in environments that require innovation and adaptation.
Digital Fluency and Tech-Savvy: A strong background in digital marketing and social media. You're a digital evangelist, always on the pulse of the latest tech trends.
Proven Project Management: Demonstrated ability to manage complex digital projects effectively.
Proactive and Empathetic: A forward-thinking approach combined with the ability to empathize with stakeholders.
Visionary and Realistic: You have a track record of turning bold ideas into breathtaking realities.
Analytical and Curious: Exceptional analytical skills and a constant desire to learn and grow.
Collaborative Spirit: Thriving in teamwork and capable of working with diverse cross-functional groups. You're globally minded, ready to connect with teams and users worldwide.
Humble Confidence: Approach challenges with both humility and confidence.

Rejoignez notre mission

Rapportant au Directeur de l'Excellence Numérique et Commerciale et gérant une équipe de 3 chefs de produit, votre rôle en tant que Chef de Gamme Globale - Solutions Digitales est de mener la révolution numérique dans le soin des plaies chez Urgo Medical.

Vos missions principales:

Développer et Engager la Communauté Healico:
• Assurer une compréhension immédiate et une valeur perçue de Healico dès la première utilisation.
• Développer et exéc
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