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Position: Branch Manager

Industry: Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Job Opening Location: Chitwan, Banepa, Dang, Hetauda, Biratnagar, Murgiya-Rupandehi

Experience: At least 4-5 years of experience in the field of ISP, IT related industry

Salary: Negotiable

Here are key responsibilities and job roles typically associated with this position:

1. Operations Management

Day-to-Day Operations: Ensure smooth functioning of branch operations including installation, maintenance, and repair of internet services.

Service Quality Control: Monitor and maintain the quality of service provided to customers, ensuring compliance with company standards and policies.

Inventory Management: Oversee the inventory of equipment and supplies, ensuring adequate stock levels.

2. Team Management

Supervision and Leadership: Manage and supervise branch staff, including technicians, customer service representatives, and sales personnel.

Training and Development: Conduct training sessions to improve... employee skills and knowledge about company products and services.

Performance Evaluation: Evaluate employee performance, provide feedback, and implement improvement plans if necessary.

3. Customer Service

Customer Relations: Address customer complaints and issues, ensuring timely and effective resolution.

Service Improvement: Gather customer feedback to identify areas for service improvement and implement necessary changes.

Retention Strategies: Develop and implement strategies to retain existing customers and reduce churn rates.

4. Sales and Marketing

Sales Targets: Set and achieve sales targets for the branch, promoting internet packages and services to new and existing customers.

Marketing Campaigns: Implement local marketing and promotional activities to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Business Development: Identify and pursue new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations to expand market reach.

5. Financial Management

Budgeting: Prepare and manage the branch budget, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

Revenue Management: Monitor branch revenue and expenses, ensuring profitability and financial health.

Reporting: Generate financial and operational reports for senior management, highlighting key performance metrics.

6. Compliance and Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the branch complies with all relevant regulations and industry standards.

Risk Mitigation: Identify potential risks to the branch operations and implement measures to mitigate them.

Health and Safety: Ensure a safe working environment for employees and customers by adhering to health and safety regulations.

7. Technical Oversight

Technical Support: Provide technical guidance and support to branch staff and customers when needed.

Network Management: Oversee the management and maintenance of local network infrastructure.

Troubleshooting: Assist in troubleshooting complex technical issues and ensure their resolution in a timely manner.

8. Strategic Planning

Branch Strategy: Develop and implement strategic plans to achieve branch goals and objectives.

Market Analysis: Conduct market analysis to identify trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape.

Innovation: Promote innovation and adoption of new technologies and services to enhance customer experience and branch performance.

Essential Skills and Qualifications

-Leadership and Management Skills: Strong ability to lead, motivate, and manage a diverse team.

-Customer Service Orientation: Excellent customer service skills with a focus on customer satisfaction.

-Sales and Marketing Acumen: Proven track record in sales and marketing within the ISP industry or a related field.

-Technical Knowledge: Good understanding of internet services, network infrastructure, and related technologies.

-Financial Literacy: Ability to manage budgets, financial reports, and ensure branch profitability.

-Problem-Solving Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to address operational and technical -challenges.

-Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact with customers, staff, and senior management.

-Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changing market conditions and implement strategic initiatives effectively.

Interested & qualified professionals are requested to send CV/Resume to: [email protected] Or WhatsApp 9801309473
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