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Scriveiner is UK's leading designer and manufacturerof affordable luxury pens since its launch in 2019. The Scrivenerrange became an official bestselling brand in Amazon's US and UKmarketplaces, and it is trusted by hundreds of thousands ofcustomers worldwide. Scrivener was founded by entrepreneurs YanningLi and her husband Justin Lowes, who, having lived internationally,subscribe to a lifestyle of 'luxury minimalism." The mission ofestablishing Scriveiner is to create beautiful, fit-for-purposeitems that enrich people's lives in their everyday use. The penshave resonated with customers worldwide, leading to the company andits founders winning many prestigious awards, including the King'sAward for Enterprise, Growing Business Awards, Sunday Times 100,Fast Growth 50, New York, European and International Product DesignAwards, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and The Stevies-International Business Awards. We expect a lot from our team but weoffer a lot in return. Our key values... include trust, integrity andtransparency. We offer a work environment where everyone feelsvalued and where everyone has the opportunity to build a long-termcareer. We do not monitor people – we simply expect them to beconscientious about their work, to complete this work to a highstandard and within a reasonable timeframe. We are not foreveryone. We are successful because we have high standards, workhard, and pay meticulous attention to product quality, customerservice, and product marketing. We look to hire smart, dynamicpeople. People who perform their role with an owner’s mentality.The Role Apply here: Strategic Direction - Create plans for productoptimization that align with company financial forecasts (revenueand profit) and are repeatable and scalable - Create plans forproduct optimization that are proactive at achieving the revenueand profit targets per product through split testing, gap analysis,product performance audits, etc. - Intimately understand the dataand what the data is telling the company to adjust to produceproduct optimization plans with a high chance of success. - Deliverand execute plans with clarity, documented processes, that willproduce forecasted results - Ensure documentation for systems andprocesses is regularly maintained and updated Amazon TeamManagement - Oversee all Amazon account operations on a dailybasis, checking in with each department for daily reports - Overseeday-to-day SKU optimization, PPC optimization, and Amazon accounthealth either yourself or through managing your team - Ensurerepeatable processes are being utilized in each area mentionedabove so that new team members can be onboarded as needed - Createand/or review daily and weekly reports and KPIs with other teammembers - Check account performance against projections thenprepare and execute corrective or proactive actions - Makeoptimization adjustments to listings in front end and back end asneeded - Coordinating with the CEO and Operations Manager onbudget, new product concepts, and the future product pipeline ofthe brand - Stay up to date with all the most cutting-edgetechnologies and methods - Hold regular weekly meetings with teammembers to discuss previous weeks and future plans - Develop agrowth strategy in collaboration with the CEO and OperationsManager and reverse engineer the tasks that will need executing toachieve this growth Product Launch and Maintenance - Work directlywith the PPC Manager to ensure the latest and most effectivestrategies are being used to launch new products and maintainprofitability on existing products - Work directly with the SKUOptimization team to ensure that every product is meetingpre-determined KPI's that drive revenue, profit, and overall brandexposure to our customer avatar - Determine when products should bediscontinued - Develop and maintain scorecards that provide clearand understandable data Platform Management - Develop and maintaina system for ensuring that Amazon is billing us correctly - Createcases with Amazon to solve any problems that the team isexperiencing that require assistance from Seller Support on Amazon- Develop and maintain a system for monitoring the health of ouraccount on Amazon - Develop and maintain a system for monitoringthe health of our product listings on Amazon RESULTS - Consistentgrowth in revenue and profitability - Hitting KPIs and projectionsconsistently - Assist in creating a positive, fun andresults-driven environment - Listings are active at all times andsuperbly optimised - Clear communication with senior management andother departments so that plans are understood and all parties areworking effectively towards achieving agreed goals - Amazon accounthealth is never in jeopardy - Ensuring our brand values arereflected in our Amazon listings at all times Ideal Profile - Atleast 3 years Amazon Seller Central experience - 2 years PPCmanagement experience - Ability work with little to no supervision- Can efficiently collaborate with the team and delegate tasksappropriately - Extensive knowledge in keyword research andanalysis - Familiarity with Asana or other project management tools- Excellent written and verbal English communication skills to beable to effectively liaise with stakeholders in the region. -Highly organized with very high attention to detail - Willing totake on new challenges and carry out new/unfamiliar tasks -Resourceful and willing to learn new things - Can efficientlycollaborate with the team - Fast-learner What's on Offer? -Opportunity within a company with a solid track record ofperformance - Flexible working options - Leadership Role Originaljob Amazon Brand Manager posted on GrabJobs . 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