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1. Responsible for data analysis related to the commercialization direction of advertising, Douyin e-commerce, Douyin life services, etc. in China 2. Have an in-depth understanding of the business field, carry out special research on strategies, and be able to understand in-depth needs , effectively dismantle problems, mine data and put forward well-supported conclusions, and integrate them with actual business scenarios to give suggestions and directions 3. Based on data construction and analysis accumulation, proactively conduct multi-dimensional data exploration and mining, and maintain continuous curiosity Look for growth potential and communicate effectively with strategy, product, operations, data development and other roles to achieve higher goals 4. Can effectively use algorithm models (including but not limited to time series analysis, cluster analysis) in combination with actual business scenarios , causal inference, etc.) to assist decision-making and... optimize efficiency.

1. Bachelor degree or above in statistics/mathematics/physics/computer/economics and other related majors understand statistical distribution types, abtest Methods, statistical significance, and causal inference logic have a solid theoretical and technical foundation in machine learning or data mining 2. Be proficient in SQL and use at least one of R, Python, SAS, and MATLAB, and be familiar with commonly used data statistics and Analysis methods those with experience in distributed computing and data development such as Hive and Spark are preferred 3. Proficient in using at least one visualization tool, such as Tableau, PowerBI, PyPlot, Seaborn, and able to design and beautify data dashboards based on business understanding 4 . Have good cross-team communication skills and cooperation spirit self-driven work planning ability and a sense of exploration without boundaries 5. Love data analysis and remain enthusiastic about life.

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