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Role SummaryAs a Land Freight Specialist, you will be responsible for managing and optimizing the movement of goods across GCC countries via land transportation routes. This role requires a deep understanding of cross-border logistics regulations, customs procedures, and trade compliance requirements.The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical skills, strong negotiation skills, excellent communication abilities, and a proven track record in cross-border freight operations. You need to be great at networking.Responsibilities includes but not limited to • Compliance with Cross Border Customs Regulations & Documentation: -You will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable customs regulations and requirements across all GCC Countries. - Ensure all necessary customs documentation, including import/export permits, customs declarations, and certificates of origin, are prepared accurately and submitted on time.- Stay up-to-date on changes to customs regulations and... trade policies that may impact cross-border freight operations.• Cross Border Logistic Management - Coordinate the cross-border transportation of goods across GCC Countries, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and trade requirements.- Develop efficient land transportation routes that minimize transit times and maximize cost-effectiveness.- Liaise with customs authorities, border agencies, and freight forwarders to facilitate the smooth movement of shipments across borders.• Carrier Management and Negotiation: - Select and engage with carriers and transportation providers to handle cross-border land freight shipments. - Negotiate favorable rates and service agreements with carriers, ensuring alignment with budgetary constraints and service level requirements.• Risk Management and Compliance: - Identify and mitigate risks associated with cross-border transportation, such as regulatory compliance, security threats, and geopolitical instability.- Implement robust risk management protocols and contingency plans to minimize disruptions to freight operations.• Supply Chain Visibility and Tracking: - Implement tracking and visibility systems to monitor the movement of cross-border shipments in real-time. - Provide stakeholders with timely updates on the status and location of shipments, proactively addressing any deviations or delays.• Stakeholder Collaboration: - Cultivate strong relationships with external partners, including customs authorities, transporters, and regulatory agencies, to facilitate efficient cross-border trade. - Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders, including procurement, sales, and operations teams, to align cross- border logistics activities with business objectives. Qualifications• Bachelor's degree in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, International Business, or a related field.• Proven experience in cross-border land freight operations, preferably in the UAE or GCC countries.Proficiencies• In-depth knowledge of international trade regulations, , border clearance processes , customs procedures and process for all GCC countries.• Has comprehensive knowledge of both LTL and FTL requirements for GCC countries, including associated costs, regulations, and formalities. • Has a strong network of connections with LTL freight forwarders across the GCC. • Familiar with the requirements and procedures applicable to free-zone and mainland entities in GCC countries. • Proficient in the " TIR " system. • Has established connections and familiarity with brokers at Batha, Sila, Ghuwaifat, and Oman borders. • Possesses thorough knowledge of the " Fasah " system.• You should possess strong negotiation Skills
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