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We are currently looking for a talented and experienced Pathologist Consultant/Specialist to join our team.

As a Pathologist Consultant/Specialist you will play a critical role in diagnosing and interpreting diseases through the examination of tissue samples, blood samples, and other specimens. Your expertise and attention to detail will contribute to accurate diagnoses and effective patient care.

• Examine and analyze patient samples, including tissue biopsies, blood samples, and body fluids
• Interpret test results and generate accurate pathology reports
• Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate diagnostic and treatment plans
• Consult with referring physicians and other specialists to provide insights and recommendations based on pathology findings
• Maintain and update laboratory equipment, ensure compliance with safety protocols, and participate in quality assurance programs
• Stay updated on the latest advancements... and research in the field of pathology through continuous learning and professional development
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