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Bachelor's degree in Medicine (Título de Médico) or Nursing (Licenciatura en Enfermeria), TUMs (Tecnicos en Urgencias Medicas) Certification or Technical Degree in Nursing (Carrera Técnica en Enfermería).
• Experience in Industrial, Distribution / Logistics warehouse environment.
The On Site Medical Representative (OMR) will serve as the site's medical representative in the Sort Center.

The OMR will provide functions such as:

provide First aid treatment to injured employees, proactively analyze tasks for potential safety issues, participate in the workers' compensation process, and implement a site wellness program.

Detailed Description:
• Provide triage, first aid and/ or referral to outside medical provider, if indicated.
• Maintain all records of treatment given to associates.
• Maintain firstaid kits, inventory supplies, restock and clean equipment used in the care of associates.
• Contact treating physicians as necessary, to schedule appointments and arrange... further treatment.
• Train managers and associate volunteers in 1st aid, CPR, AED, Blood Borne Pathogen training.
• Provide daily activity logs to the safety and Sr. leadership team.
• Provide analysis of all incidents on a monthly basis.
• Participate as needed in weekly site case management review meetings with HR, Risk Management and Safety.
• Participate in incident investigations as needed.
• Develop Physical Demands Assessments for every task.
• Attend the weekly associate safety committee meeting.
• Evaluate stretching program assist safety with custom tailored stretching program, possibly through coordination with the offsite medical provider's physical therapy department.
• Frequently attend and speak at "startup" meetings.
• Greet all new hires, either through 11 interaction or in group setting during new hire orientation
• Be actively involved with site Kaizens.
• Learn each job function in facility so to fully understand the body mechanics involved in the task.
• Frequent "floor time" to interact with both associates and managers
• Help coordinate an onsite health fair annually
• Understand and learn each department and communicate the proper techniques on how to prevent CTDs
• Be TDR certified in order to have full access to the truck yard.

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
• Ability to communicate safety needs at all levels of the organization.
• Strong analytical skills: analyze accident data, new processes, and machinery for potential safety concerns and conduct job hazard and job safety analyses.
Guadalupe, NLE, MEX
• Experience and certification in teaching firstaid, CPR and AED
• Have an EMT-Basic Certification from Red Cross or Similar
• Have a valid card evidencing successful completion of a CPR course at the Basic Life Support for.
• Healthcare Provider level (American Heart Association) or Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross)
• Be certified to teach First Aid, CPR, and AED
• Experience leading and managing a team
• Proficiency English will be highly desirable
Guadalupe Nuevo Leon Mexico


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