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Feuerwehrmann (Flugzeugrettung)

Grafenwoehr , Germany


Dies ist eine Wiederausschreibung der Stellenausschreibung 23AUG0JJ100A0X566465. Bewerbungen auf Ausschreibung 23AUG0JJ100A0X566465 sind für diese Ausschreibung gültig; eine erneute Bewerbung ist erforderlich. /

This is a re-announcement of vacancy announcement 23AUG0JJ100A0X566465. Applications for vacancy announcement 23AUG0JJ100A0X566465 are valid for this announcement, submission of a new application is required.


INNERBETRIEBLICHE Arbeitnehmer in Deutschland. Dies umfasst alle ortsansässigen Beschäftigten der US Streitkräfte, einschließlich Air Force und AAFES-Europe, innerhalb Deutschlands.

Current INTERNAL Local National Employees throughout Germany. This covers all current Local National employees of the U.S. Forces in Germany, including U.S. Air Force and... AAFES-Europe within Germany.


AUSSERBETRIEBLICHE Bewerber, die in Deutschland wohnhaft sind.

EXTERNAL Local National Applicants, who reside in Germany.


Serves as a firefighter in a U.S. Army Garrison Fire Department. Is assigned to a fire fighting crew responsible to provide emergency response for multiple sites within/on the Army installation(s) involving diverse fire hazards including highly flammable liquids, high explosives, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), radioactive materials, and other non-standard hazards in facilities such as: maintenance facilities, communication sites, ammunition storage, vehicles, automatic data processing system buildings, major storage depots, places of assembly, schools, theaters, and family housing areas.

The firefighter is involved in the full spectrum of emergency response assigned to a garrison fire department. This includes, but is not limited to a wide variety of fire fighting, hazardous material response, and related aid and rescue work associated with facilities and operations at the garrison Work is complicated by the fact that U.S. Army fire departments frequently respond jointly with Host Nation Fire Departments, which are operating under different codes and guidelines, using different equipment.

Performs crash/rescue and firefighting duties at airfields handling predominately medium and occasionally complex aircraft; e.g., attack and transport helicopters, cargo airplanes and small passenger planes.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Description of the Education & Training Levels:


P-1: Minimum Basic Requirements: Applicants for this position must have E&T Level I (completed lower secondary school / Hauptschulabschluss) PLUS German certification as basic fire fighter (abgeschlossene Feuerwehrgrundausbildung, gemaess Feuerwehrdienstvorschrift 2 (FwDV2).

P-3: Minimum Basic Requirements: Applicants for this position must have E&T Level I (completed lower secondary school / Hauptschulabschluss), German certification as basic fire fighter (abgeschlossene Feuerwehrgrundausbildung, gemaess Feuerwehrdienstvorschrift 2 (FwDV2))

PLUS completed training in accordance with the guidelines of the US Forces Fire Prevention Program.


- Incumbent must possess and maintain host nation equivalent National Emergency Medical Technician (NEMT) certification.

- Incumbent must be able to obtain and maintain a DoD certification as Firefighter I & II, Driver Operator Pumper, DOD HAZMAT operations, Host Nation SCBA certification (Ausbildung zum Atemschutzgeraetetraeger gem. FwDV 2), radio communicator training (Ausbildung zum Sprechfunker gem. FwDV2).

- Must be able to obtain valid host Nation certification to service and recharge fire extinguishers.

- Incumbent is responsible for the proper handling of specific hazardous wastes generated by the unit, activity or facility; operation of a hazardous waste generation point, and assisting in emergency action involving hazardous waste. Assigned work may include collecting, storing, moving, labeling (including dating), segregating, preparing turn-in documents on, and maintaining records on hazardous wastes. Incumbent is required to complete recurring renewal training.


- Employee is required to successfully complete additional classes, required by changed Host Nation or DoD regulations and laws to continue performing assigned tasks. This may also include certification classes to maintain and operate new acquired equipment.

- Employee may be subject to periodic (e.g. annual) medical examinations following appointment to determine fitness for continued performance of the duties of the position. Employee is required to participate in a physical fitness program as described by DOD standards.

- Heavy physical effort is required in the frequent handling of objects such as cylinders and extinguishers weighing 45 lbs or more. Employee may be required to lift/carry personnel in emergency situations.

- Duties require full use of both arms, both legs, and fingers to bend, turn, pull, crawl, kneel, and climb for such tasks as use of aerial ladders, firefighting equipment controls, arranging/connecting hoses, rappelling, operation of fire truck and all types of rescue operations, etc.

- During rescue operations, incumbent may come into contact with human blood or other potential infectious materials which may result in possible exposure to blood borne pathogens.

- The position requires successful completion of a pre-employment medical examination (G-26), and periodic examinations thereafter. The employing organization together with medical authorities will determine the type(s) of examination(s) required, giving due consideration to examination requirements stipulated in German labor law.

• Bewerber müssen im Besitz des Führerscheins Klasse B und C sein. / Applicants must be in possession of a driver's license class B and C.

• Führerschein Klasse CE wünschenswert. / Driver's license class CE desired.



Englischlevel A2 und Deutschlevel C1 erforderlich. /

English Language Proficiency level A2 AND German Language Proficiency level C1 required.

Description of the Language Levels:


Auswahlkriterien auswählen

Generelle Informationen für LN-Stellenausschreibungen - bitte lesen:

General Information for LN Job Announcements - please read:



• Wochenend- und Feiertagsarbeit sowie 24 Stunden Schichtarbeit erforderlich. / Work on weekends and holidays as well as 24 hour shift work required.

• Gelegentliche Dienstreisen erforderlich. / Occasionally temporary duty travel (TDY) required.

• Schweres Heben bis zu 45 kg erforderlich. / Heavy lifting up to 100 lbs required.


- a global employer who stands for cultural diversity and equal opportunities

- employment in an international environment with a welcoming atmosphere

- high level of job security and attractive pay under German tariff agreements (CTA II; Protection Agreement) including, but not limited to, the following tariff entitlements:

- 30 days of annual leave; 36 days for severely handicapped employees (additional time-off on 24 & 31 December per tariff agreement)

- vacation and Christmas pay (total of 13 monthly salaries)

- various additional social benefits (e.g., employer pension scheme through Allianz group insurance; property accrual payments)

Beyond the tariff agreement,

- usually time off on 8-9 U.S. holidays due to work hour redistribution (governed by shop agreement)

- employer-specific programs for flexible work schedules; mobile work; length-of-service/performance awards

- health promotion and fitness programs, including free use of employer-run fitness centers


- einen globalen Arbeitgeber, der für kulturelle Vielfalt und Chancengleichheit steht

- ein Arbeitsverhältnis in internationalem Umfeld und kollegialer Atmosphäre

- hohe Arbeitsplatzsicherheit und eine attraktive Vergütung nach deutschen Tarifverträgen (TV AL II, Schutz TV), mit u.a. folgenden tariflichen Ansprüchen:

- 30 Tage Urlaub bzw. 36 bei schwerbehinderten Arbeitnehmern (zusätzlich sind gemäß Tarifvertrag der 24.12. und der 31.12. frei)

- Urlaubs- und Weihnachtsgeld (insgesamt 13 Monatsgehälter)

- eine Reihe von zusätzlichen sozialen Leistungen (u. a. eine betriebliche Altersvorsorge (Allianzgruppenversicherung) und vermögenswirksame Leistungen)SchweresHeben bis zu 25 kg erforderlich. / Heavy lifting up to 55 lbs required.

Über den Tarifvertrag hinaus

- sind 8-9 US-Feiertage i.d.R. zusätzlich arbeitsfrei durch Umverteilung der

Arbeitszeit (durch Betriebsvereinbarung geregelt)

- bestehen betriebsinterne Regelungen zu flexiblen Arbeitszeitmodellen, mobilem Arbeiten und Prämien für Betriebszugehörigkeit und besondere Leistungen

- existieren Gesundheits- bzw. Fitnessprogramme, die u.a. die kostenfreie Nutzung der betrieblichen Fitnesscenter beinhalten


Apply - Feuerwehrmann (Flugzeugrettung) Germany