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Do you find it challenging being part of a newly started Bachelor programme in Computer Science? Does it appeal to you to teach computer science in an international environment? Do you hold a computer science degree? Then a position as faculty at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College might just be you

The three-year Bachelor (Hons) programme in Computer Science is a fully accredited UK Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science because it is taught in collaboration with De Montford University in Leicester, UK. We had our first intake in September 2023, our second in January 2024 and the programme will grow again in September 2024 with our third intake. The programme contains both up-to-date subjects like AI, Big Data, and Agile Development and classic disciplines like Database design and implementation, Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms but also development projects with both individual and group elements. The setup will provide students with a sound mix of a... theoretical base and a practical approach to computer science in a way where their theoretical knowledge will be applied on real cases. The teaching is arranged in blocks of 6-7 weeks meaning that in one block students will follow only one subject (e.g., databases) and then move on to the next block following another subject (e.g., programming). All in all, the programme prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities, from programming and developer roles to software engineering, with computer technology closely linked with an extensive range of industries such as medicine, education, entertainment, security and architecture or a further academic career. Please see more about the programme here:

To this programme we are looking for dedicated, passionate faculty. Because the programme has run for less than a year here in Copenhagen, we are still in the entrepreneurial phase and building the Computer Science environment at Niels Brock. You could see yourself as a pioneer-teacher – but you will not be on your own. The current very dedicated faculty will support you and the close relation to De Montford University means that you will collaborate closely with your UK co-teacher and that you will contextualise content to Danish conditions and your own experience.

We are looking for a number of faculty members that can fulfill both the general requirements listed below and that can cover a wide range of the programmes subjects – at the moment with focus on the first and second years subjects.

General requirements
• The ability to speak and write English fluently (Danish is not a requirement.)
• A relevant master's or PhD degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering etc. or relevant real-world experience including high-level certifications
• Documented teaching experience or other documented skills in knowledge transfer
• An interest in working in an environment that is not yet set in stone with an opportunity to influence itSpecific requirements

The first year courses each have a set of specific requirements listed below.

Database Design and Implementation
• Well founded in relational databases
• Experience with designing databases, such as ER model, keys, and normalisation
• Experience with SQL mapping schema to implementation via DDL
• Experience with SQL queries
• Ability to include relevant elements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR in both design and implementation and contextualize it to a Danish context
• Ability to guide students in lab sessions Fundamental Concepts of Computer Science
• Knowledge about the math behind computer science, such as logic, set theory, probability, and statistics
• Knowledge of fundamental principles in areas of the software life cycle, including requirements capture (by e.g., interviews and questionnaires) and user interface design
• Knowledge of ethical theories and concepts related to information systems, information security and software engineering
• Ability to contextualise the above to the Danish society Computer Programming
• Experience with practical programming preferable in Scala but not a necessity
• Knowledge of design using the control and data abstractions in a contemporary programming language
• Adherence to good programming practice and use of coding standards
• Knowledge of the role of testing in the software development process
• Ability to guide students in lab sessions Operating Systems and Networks
• Well founded in computer architecture, operating systems, and computer networks
• Knowledge of the theoretical foundation such as number systems and finite state automata
• Computer hardware such as CPU, memory, bus, motherboard etc.
• Operating system fundamentals, Shell scripting, Authentication and authorization
• Computer networks including network architectures, data communication, network components, LAN protocols, Internet protocols
• Security issues
• Ability to guide students in lab sessions The second year courses each have a set of specific requirements listed below. Object Oriented Design and Development
• Well founded in the Object Oriented approach to systems development
• Experience in using library packages provided by the Java SDK
• Deep knowledge of UML and Java
• Knowledge of GUI and how to build these user friendly
• Ability to guide students in lab sessions Data Structures and Algorithms
• Deep knowledge of classical data structures including stacks, queues, lists, trees, and hash tables
• Well founded in searching and sorting
• Ability to explain how efficiency of the algorithms is measured in terms of theta, omega and Big O notation
• Knowledge of concurrent program design in the context of multi-core architectures and distributed applications
• Ability to guide students in lab sessions Web Application Development
• Well founded in the area of developing for the Web
• Deep knowledge on user interface design on the 'client-side' or 'front-end'
• Deep knowledge on security and persistence in 'server- side' or 'back-end' scripting
• Ability to do server-side scripting using a web development language such as PHP
• Knowledge of security protocols in web applications
• Ability to guide students in lab sessions If you find it attractive to participate in continuing to build up this programme and if you can teach one or more of the above subjects, please do not hesitate to send us an application. Employment
Employment will be secured as per collective agreement between the Danish Ministry of Taxation and the AC trade union.

At Niels Brock, we want to ensure working conditions that provide a good balance between work life and family life. Employees at Niels Brock with children under the age of 3 have the opportunity to apply for reduced time of 10% without salary reduction.

Terms of employment
The position is full-time, and you will start on August 15th, 2024. Salary and employment will be in accordance with the applicable collective agreement.

More information
You are welcome to contact Dean of Academic Affairs, Steffen Herskind on or

Application and deadline for applying
You apply for the position by sending your application, CV and diplomas via the link below no later than May 2nd, 2024. Job interviews will be held continuously.

We want to reflect the surrounding society and encourage everyone, regardless of personal background, to apply for the position.

About Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College
For more than 25 years, the International Department at Niels Brock has offered a range of British university degrees in cooperation with De Montfort University, Leicester. Our students are international and primarily from South Asia. They come to us with a diversity of educational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds as well as having English as their second language. We are dedicated to delivering world class education through inclusive and cross-cultural instruction methods that require pedagogical as well as didactic flexibility.

The department forms part of Niels Brock, one of the largest educational institutions in Denmark with more than 10,000 students in Denmark.

We have taught business subjects for more than 140 years, building up experience and establishing solid networks throughout Denmark and the world.

It is our ambition to be the most global and innovative business college in Denmark. We develop and offer education and training which provide the Danish and global business communities with the proper competencies to enhance cooperation and competitiveness, and we are widely recognized for our academically and pedagogically skilled faculty members and dedicated students.

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