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You will play an essential role in understanding the needs of our customers and translating these needs into clear functional specifications. You will act as the bridge between the customer and the development team, being responsible for analyzing, documenting and validating functional requirements for various projects

What do your tasks consist of?
ā€¢ Collaborate with customers and stakeholders to understand business processes and requirements.
ā€¢ Analyze the functional requirements šŸ“‘ and translate them into clear specifications and use cases.
ā€¢ Identify potential bottlenecks and risks āš ļø in the functional specifications and proactively propose solutions.
ā€¢ Work in close collaboration with the development team to verify and validate functional specifications.
ā€¢ Prepare test plans and test scenarios to ensure that software solutions meet functional specifications.
ā€¢ Coordinate communication and coordination between clients, developers and other stakeholders throughout the project.
ā€¢... Contribute to the continuous improvement offunctional analysis processes and methodologieswithin the company.
ā€¢ Continue to learn šŸ“š and keep abreast of new developments in functional analysis and IT solutions.

What qualities do you have?
ā€¢ Bachelor's or Master's degree šŸŽ“ in Computer Science, Business Information Systems or similar technical or business-oriented degree.
ā€¢ Minimum 3 years relevant work experience as a functional analyst, preferably within an IT Agency environment.
ā€¢ Excellent understanding of business processes andability to analyze and translate complex requirements into functional specifications.
ā€¢ Experience creating use cases, user stories and functional documentation.
ā€¢ Strong communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
ā€¢ Analytical thinking skills and a keen eye šŸ‘ļø for detail to identify potential bottlenecks and risks.
ā€¢ Experience with Agile methodologies and working in multidisciplinary teams.
ā€¢ Knowledge of functional analysis tools and techniques, such as UML and BPMN, is a plus.

What do we offer?
ā€¢ You will be part of a self-managing team and we will give you a high degree of autonomy, trust and responsibility
ā€¢ We are a knowledge sharing environment, within Lemon Academy šŸ« we offer you the opportunity to share and gain knowledge along with the rest of the team
ā€¢ An all-in salary package: We offer a competitive salary with irresistible benefits. From meal vouchers to a car with fuel card. From a flexible income plan to laptop and cell phone šŸ’».
ā€¢ Hospitalization insurance and outpatient expense insurance; your glasses, physical therapist, dental care and so much more will be reimbursed!
ā€¢ Unforgettable team activities, such as our annual ski trip and a summer BBQ šŸ— as well as a weekly greasy Friday šŸŸ and four-hour beer hour šŸ»
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