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As a Retail Market Development Manager your journey begins with a blank canvas. Armed with market insights and a strategic vision, you lay the groundwork for establishing a new player in the UK retail landscape. Analyzing trends, identifying opportunities, and crafting detailed sales plans, you set the stage for success. With determination and foresight, you engage potential clients directly and through trade partners, tirelessly pitching proposals and negotiating deals to carve out a niche in the market. Each win is a testament to your perseverance and strategic acumen. But your ambitions don't stop there. As you solidify your position in the UK, you set your sights on new horizons—Scandinavia. With the same dedication and drive, you extend your efforts to penetrate and conquer this market, leveraging your experience and expertise to navigate its unique challenges and opportunities.Relationships remain your cornerstone, as you cultivate connections at all levels, fostering trust and... collaboration with stakeholders. In category management, you meticulously analyze product groups, optimizing assortments to meet diverse customer needs while aligning with your company's capabilities. Each day is a step forward, a triumph in the journey to drive growth and create value for your company and its retail partners across the UK and Scandinavia.
Your Core Responsibilities Include:
Development and Execution of the Operational Sales Plan:
• Conducting in-depth analysis of needs, requirements, and trends in the retail market.
• Crafting detailed sales plans with specific action points per market and focus account.
• Acquisition of new clients directly and/or through trade partners based on sales plans.
• Ensuring the implementation of approved plans.
• Continuous analysis of sales results and timely adjustments as necessary.
• Account Management and Relationship Building:
• Identifying new opportunities in the market, with a focus on customer/product combinations.
• Actively maintaining and expanding a relevant network, nurturing contacts at all stakeholder levels.
• Proactively nurturing relationships with clients at various levels.
Category Management:
• Thorough analysis of opportunities and threats for various product groups with clients.
• Optimization of product assortments to ensure a win-win situation.
• Creating opportunities for Private Label concepts aligning with company's capabilities


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