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Main responsibilities 1 : PDI Management

The role involves overseeing the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) operations, which are outsourced to external vendors, for vehicles shipped from Ferrari headquarters. The primary responsibilities include managing and supervising PDI tasks with the targeted cost and processing time goals. This position is accountable for quality control of shipped vehicles and PDI production efficiency management.
• Collaborate with the Technical Manager to conduct quality management tasks for imported vehicles (including determining transport damages or production defects, and managing claims processing).
• Coordinate and cooperate with the Logistic Manager about shipment schedule and PDI IN-OUT time management.
• Regarding criteria and procedures for defect assessment, consider global standards and assess the actual situation in the Japanese market to make optimal judgments and actions.
• To reduce PDI processing time, manage lead time performance for each PDI... process, extract issues through data-driven analysis, and implement corresponding solutions.
• Manage, audit, and provide improvement guidance to PDI outsourcing partner.
• Collaborate with Ferrari headquarters and other country PDIs (US/China) to lead projects for IT system implementation and improvement measures to enhance PDI production management.
• Based on mid to long-term sales forecasts, conduct capacity analysis incorporating business efficiency improvements, formulate response plans, and implement them.

Main responsibilities 2 : Warranty Management

Serve as the primary authority for the initial approval of warranty claims in the Japanese market. Collaborate with the Technical Manager to confirm reported defects, scrutinize, and approve the content of warranty claims from dealers. Additionally, conduct analysis of warranty content for the purpose of quality improvement. Provide regular reports to Ferrari headquarters and, when necessary, engage in negotiations with Ferrari headquarters. Simultaneously, oversee and manage the adherence of dealer warranty-related tasks to Ferrari's established operational standards, offering guidance as needed.
• Approve warranty claims submitted by dealers and handle related billing and payment operations.
• Approve dealer applications for enrollment in the extended warranty program and manage pricing tasks.
• Provide technical judgment support to the parts department regarding defects in service parts; engage in negotiations with dealers.
• Manage warranty payment records, conduct analysis, and formulate budget plans.
• Handle other warranty-related tasks, including operations related to roadside assistance.

II. Qualifications (Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) Required

Essential Requirements :
• Over 3 years of managerial experience in PDI operations (or production management in manufacturing, or warehouse shipping management in logistics).
• Practical experience in optimizing entire departments or specific business processes using PDCA cycles or other methodologies for quality improvement and standardization.
• Native-level Japanese proficiency for daily communication and guidance with dealers and PDI outsourcing partner.
• Business-level English proficiency for communication with Ferrari headquarters in Italy and the Singapore office.
• PC skills (Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and basic data analysis skills using Excel.

Desirable Requirements :
• Technical knowledge and experience in the automotive field (e.g. Technical Manager).
• Understanding or experience in warranty operations in the automotive business (e.g. Warranty Manager).
• Experience in IT system implementation project leader.

Other Note :

The office is situated in Minato-ku, Tokyo. However, efficient collaboration with our outsourcing partner may necessitate frequent visits to the PDI center in Inzai City, Chiba
Tokyo Japan


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