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Invitation To Tender For External Audit Services

MSI Ethiopía Reproductive choices is a branch of MSI, and it has been working in Ethiopia for 31 years delivering family planning and reproductive health services to women across the country. We work closely with the Government of Ethiopia and other partners to help reduce maternal mortality rates by increasing access to quality contraception, pre-and post-natal care, and sexual health services.

MSI Ethiopia Reproductive choices is registered by the FDRE Charities and Societies Agency as a foreign charity with a certificate of registration number 0857. In addition, as part of its social business model, MSI

Ethiopia Reproductive choices also operate Income Generating Activities (IGA) with a commercial registration certificate and business license issued by FDRE Ministry of Trade and Addis Ababa City Administration Trade & Industrial Development Bureau respectively.

In accordance with Charities and Societies Agency directive 08/2004... article 12, MSI Ethiopia Reproductive choices invite qualified & licensed external audit firms fulfilling the following legal and professional requirements to submit their financial and technical proposals for the examination of the accounts of MSIE’s two Business Units (Charity and Income Generating Activities) with separate Audit Reports and Management Letters for 3 Fiscal Year of 1 January 2022- December 31.2024.

Essential Requirements
• Eligible tenders should provide the following:
• An introduction to the firm and your experience in the charities sector
• Demonstrated experience in auditing donor funded projects and familiarity with donor requirements & regulations to undertake project audits upon request
• Experience of auditing of accounts of INGOs and multinational companies’ subsidiaries or branches in Ethiopia
• Names of the proposed audit team members who will be deployed and their profiles/ CVS demonstrating their audit experience in the charities and IGA sector
• A description of your approach to the audit showing how you will:
• a) Determine your audit strategy and undertake audit planning
• b) Address matters of audit scope and materiality
• c) Identify and respond to risk and critical audit issues
• d) Control and co-ordinate the audit process and report your findings
• e) Ensure appropriate and timely responsibility for decisions on the audit.
• A description of your internal processes used for quality assurance and your internal practices to ensure compliance with independence requirements and freedom from conflict of interest.
• Work plan and demonstrate the ability to finalize and deliver the two final audit reports by the 15th of March
• A renewed business license for the 2014 Ethiopian Fiscal Year
• Renewed ACCA Practicing Certificate/License
• Renewed Certificate/ License from Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE)
• Valid VAT Registration Certificate and Tax Identification Number
• Audit fee to be charged, clearly by indicating with or without VAT Desirable
• Working experience with the BIG FOUR audit firms as group auditors
• Experience in auditing accounts of INGOs’ Income Generating Activities (IGA) wing
• Experience of auditing partners/sub-awardees/sub-grantees

Interested, qualified, and eligible external auditors are invited to collect the detailed terms of reference (TOR) from the MSL Ethiopia Reproductive choices located at Wello sefer. Ethio- China road in front of Tebaber Berta Building, from the reception desk during working hours starting from the date of first announcement.

Bidders must submit Financial and Technical Proposals in separate sealed envelopes into the box ready for the bid on or before 29 August 2022, 10:00 Am.

Bidding documents must be signed and bidders are also required to submit the required documents.


MSI Ethiopia Reproductive choices

Procurement and Facility Division

Kirkos Sub City, Woreda 02

House No. 174

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

P.O. Box 5775

Tel: 011 550 9307, 011 550 9250, Fax 011 550 9463

Wolo Sefer in front Tebaber Berta Building

MSI Ethiopia Reproductive choices reserve the right to deal with any auditor of its choice. MSI Ethiopia Reproductive choices is not bound to accept the lowest offer or any offers and it also reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

MSI Ethiopla Reproductive choices
Addis Ababa Ethiopia


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