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We are looking to hire an ambitious Personal Assistant to join our high calibre team at Itch Recruitment in Mosman Park, Perth WA.
Growing your career as a Full time Personal Assistant is an awesome opportunity to develop fundamental skills.
If you are strong in research, strategic planning and have the right determination for the job, then apply for the position of Personal Assistant at Itch Recruitment today!

Let's start by explaining; "URGENTLY NEEDED: Expert in herding cats, skilled at putting a cardigan on an octopus... in the dark... with one hand tied behind back."

In ads I will often say "This role isn't for everyone" but in this case I really think this role is only really for some one. So, I am know this is going to be a little like hunting for unicorns, with that in mind I asked ChatGPT the keys things to hunting unicorns and it gave me 3 steps.

Step 1: Know what a unicorn looks like.

The right person for this role is going to get their kicks out of taming the... untameable, being one step ahead of the person they work with and helping them do just the things that they need to do without the noise of everything else.

You will have experience as a PA but that doesn't need to come from working with a suited and booted type... the person you are working with is anything but that! Worked with a creative before? Then this could be the role for you.

You must have your own car (and obviously a valid licence) as you will be required to run daily errands (checking the PO Box and doing some basic shopping).

Your attention to detail will be second to none, and you will know how to coax the information that you need to complete your tasks out of someone (i.e. my way of saying you will have excellent written and verbal communication skills).

HEADS UP: There is a test about your attention to detail below.

Start time each day is a hard 8am, sorry there is no flexibility around this!

Step 2: Lure unicorn with all the treats they enjoy.

Like I said (repeatedly), this isn't going to be for everyone but for someone that has experience doing such key responsibilities as:
• Manage communication between several globally dispersed virtual employees.
• Oversee and take control of numerous WhatsApp chats.
• Liaise with accountant and lawyer on matters.
• Organise and keep shared-drive organised.
• Managing and streamlining online banking.
• Respond to comments and messages on social media.
• Manage her personal calendar.
• Assist with captioning TikTok videos. (They have over 100k followers)
My unicorn will see this not as a challenge but the thing that motivate them to come to work every day.

Speaking of coming to work every day... you will be working in the a modern shared office located in Mosman Park with ample parking.

Step 3: You don't capture a unicorn, it comes to you.

My name is Lauren van de Ven and I will be recruiting this role, if you have read through the above and am intrigued to know more, if think that you could be the unicorn that I am hunting for, then I would love to hear from you.

Please forward your resume (in Word format where possible) along with a personalised Cover Letter (required) that tells me why you could be the unicorn that I am looking for.

Like to ask a couple of questions before applying? I totally understand if that is the case and happy to have a chat, just give me a call on 08 6140 1800.

Benefits of working as a Personal Assistant in Mosman Park, Perth WA:

● Excellent benefits
● Company offers career progression opportunities
● Competitive salary

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