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Job Responsibilities:

1. System Construction: Implement and improve financial management-related

management systems, work processes, and standards to promote efficient


2. Budget Management: Responsible for the preparation and review of the

factory's annual, quarterly, and monthly comprehensive budgets,

supervision and control of the budget execution process, and analysis and

evaluation of the execution results

3. Operational Analysis: Around the management goals of the factory, analyze

the factory's operational results monthly, and analyze business activities by

module to provide economic benefit evaluation reports

4. Financial Control: Supervise and control activities related to finance in the

factory's operation and management, and strictly review and control

5. Cost and Expense Management: Responsible for the accounting, analysis,

and reporting of the factory's product costs, lean accounting and control of

the factory's period expenses, and promote cost... reduction and efficiency


6. Accounting: Organize and carry out accounting and management of the

factory's entire process, and regularly compile and report various financial


7. Responsible for other tasks such as asset management, tax management,

and the construction of the factory's financial team


1. Bachelor's degree or above in finance, accounting, or related fields, with

intermediate or higher professional titles (those with Certified Public

Accountant qualifications are preferred); good communication skills in both

Chinese and English.

2. At least 5 years of experience in financial positions within the manufacturing

supply chain, with at least 2 years of experience in financial team


3. Familiar with financial and economic regulations and knowledge; solid

professional knowledge in financial accounting; familiar with relevant

domestic and local financial and tax regulations; proficient in SAP software

functions and skilled in operating the SAP system

4. Strong learning ability, systematic problem-solving skills, strong

communication and expression, and stress resistance; serious, meticulous,

and stable
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