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jobs description

We are Unlock Design a recruitment agency based in Japan and the job description below is an opportunity with one of our forwardthinking client companies. We aim to ensure a trustworthy and considerate experience for our candidates emphasizing their privacy and longterm career goals. See our full promise and approach by visiting

Basic Information
Client ID: 104000
Job ID: 1608/1609
Position: WEB Engineer (Fresh Graduate)
Apply From: Overseas OK (relocate to Japan)
Location: Tokyo (No remote)
Salary: 3.6M 4.5M
Language: Japanese (Business)
Contract type: Permanent

Who we are
Creating new lifestyles for smiles :)

A new lifestyle new ones are incorporated into daily habits It will be made by becoming natural.

By blending into our daily lives we will take root in society and create services that will be loved for a long time. I want to create as many smiles as possible in this world.

To that end we always have the consciousness of being a user. Pursuing a user experience that goes... beyond mere convenience and usability we deliver impression and encounter.

Service business mainly utilizing the Internet
• Online Fashion Rental Service
• Fashion Rental Shop
• Online Styling EC Service
• Manufacturers official monthly rental mall
• Remote personal styling service

Roles and Responsibility

Responsible for the development of all the systems developed by the company. The process is as follows: we determine the capacity of the system to be developed each month decide on the projects to be developed in response to that capacity and then assign engineers based on their wishes and the direction in which they wish to grow. After that the normal flow is to actually start development after a kickoff meeting with the people involved in the project.

Tools used
• Source code management Github
• Project management Backlog
• CI CircleCi
• Infrastructure AWS/GCP
• Internal communication Slack

Since our engineering team is still in the process of building its foundation one of our duties is to consider how we can make the team stronger such as establishing a system for efficient team operation and knowledge sharing methods. We believe that good products come from good teams.

We use JavaScript (TypeScript) in more than 90% of its areas with React for the web front end and Node.js for the back end.

In addition both iOS and Android apps are developed in React Native and Flutter.

Minimum Requirements
• Fresh Graduate at
• Experience with programing
• Graduate from the field of Computer Science or related
• Business level Japanese

Tech Stacks
• Frontend: Typescript React
• Backend: Node.js
• CI: Circle CI
• Infra: AWS
• Mobile: React Native Flutter
• Others: Backlog GIthub Slack

Conditions / Benefits

Employment type: Full Time

Location: Head Office: Minatoku Tokyo

Annual Salary: 3.6M 4.5M JPY


10:0019:00Mon Fri

• Every Sat/Sun
• National holidays paid vacations summer vacation yearend and New Year vacations congratulation or condolence leave

Probation: 3 Months

Benefits: Support flight cost

Interview Process
• CV Screening
• 1st Interview
• 2nd Interview

Interview include live coding test

This process is subject to change

Remote Work :

Tokyo Japan


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