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Merpay is home to some of the greatest experts within Mercari Group. Our commitment to a culture of openness allows members to discuss architecture on Slack channels organized by business domain, send pull requests to each other on GitHub, and share knowledge on the internal Wiki. We hold “Go Friday” and other weekly study groups for engineers but open to all, encouraging engineers to help one another grow. Some members have no experience developing in Go before they join, but we help turn them into Go enthusiasts early on through involvement in our internal Go community and “Gopher Dojo,” our short-term, intensive training. Members further develop their expertise while demonstrating their abilities at both internal and external engineering community events.

• Handle microservice and API development in Go
• API/interface design for microservices using Protocol Buffers and gRPC
• Improving services and measuring effectiveness using quantitative and qualitative... analysis on user behavior logs, etc.
• Design architecture and select middleware based on application requirements
• Microservice performance tuning, monitoring, and alert handling

• Shared belief in Merpay’s mission and values
• Knowledge and experience in web application development
• Experience designing schemas and creating efficient queries for databases (such as RDB, NoSQL, etc.)
• Experience operating web applications and conducting performance tuning, knowledge in security
• Experience selecting middleware and designing software architecture
• Ability to take ownership and lead the software development process
• Japanese ability: Independent (CEFR - B2) - Can exchange complex information in your area of expertise with limited support/accommodation from the other party

Nice to haves

While not specifically required, tell us if you have any of the following.
• Experience developing and operating using Go and GCP
• Experience developing and operating large-scale, high traffic system
• Experience establishing new services and tackling the challenges in the growth phase of a service
• Experience as developer lead or management / experience improving the development process
• Experience in statistical data analysis
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