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The main objective of this scope of work is to document each above-mentioned stages in a manner to allow replication of the process by others. The consultant will work with the current business and entrepreneurship advisor to capture and document all the trainings and articulate in detail activities for each stage, outline supporting documents, and provide timelines and a how-to guide for each stage. This should take the form of a comprehensive DCC business trainers’ guide which comprises the aspects described above, and comprehensively incorporates the elements of training and accompaniment that were provided to Cohort One, in a replicable guide that will be used by trainers of future cohorts.

Expected Deliverables by Consultant:

1. Interview/discussion guide and interview documentation: a series of interviews/discussions with key CRS staff to gather relevant information on training that was delivered, and which needs to be documented

a. Interview discussion guide

b... Notes of interviews/discussions with key CRS staff

2. Revision of detailed outline based on interviews/discussions

3. Business curriculum & training materials

3.1.Trainer’s guide developed using content drawn out from interviews, organized in clear, easy to use trainer’s guide template (Pre-service training template).

a. The trainers guide should demonstrate clear layout, use simple English, and be user friendly.

• Must cover topics:

a. Intro section on how to use the materials/sections, including integration of other trainings that have an effect on the business model but are not part of this guide (e.g., SILC)

b. Initial business assessment.

c. Business management/Finance: bookkeeping and reporting.

d. Marketing

e. Coaching.

f. MEAL (reporting/data collection for supervision/ management/research/learning)

3.2. Visual aids/templates/examples(included in guide)

3.3. Inclusion of available photos/examplesto illustrate key concepts (included in guide)

3.4. PPT slides to accompany each module/session of curriculum, aligned with content in trainer’s guide (contingent on available financing)

3.5.All materials delivered in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PPT (not InDesign)

a. The manual should be specific about the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders involved e.g. Facilitators & Participants etc.

Basic Qualifications:

1. The consultant will hold master’s degree in business administration or management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, Finance, or any related field.

2. The consultant will have at least 10 years’ experience supporting set-up and management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Southern and Eastern Africa. Previous experience in Lesotho doing similar assignment will be an advantage.

3. The consultant will have experience developing business training manuals, and training support materials aimed at service-type entrepreneurs.

4. The consultant must also demonstrate strong writing skills in English, have a strong client focus, and have excellent communication, and project coordination skills.

5. A demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and in high pressure situations under tight deadlines.

Clarifying Questions and Responses:

Prospective bidders may submit any clarification questions to [email protected], by May 9, 2024[11:59 PM EST]. Responses will be provided to any known prospective bidders by May 10, 2024. The solicitation name “US8018.02.2024 ECD Project – Documentation of Business Trainers Manual Guide” must be included in the subject line.

Proposal Deadline:

All proposals must be sent to [email protected] no later than May 24, 2024. The solicitation name “US8018.02.2024 ECD Project – Documentation of Business Trainers Manual Guide” must be included in the subject line.

Required Application Components:

a. Cover letter, which describes a brief summary of approach that demonstrates qualifications in undertaking the Scope of Work. This summary should highlight how the applicant will complete the deliverables. (Document cannot exceed 3 pages single-spaced.)

b. Resume/CV (In English).

c. Completion ofseparate attachment, Annex A, Terms and Conditions. See Attachment I.

d. Completion ofseparate attachment, Annex B, which is also the table found under Section VIII Specific Activities, Timeline, and Level of Effort.

e. Contact information for four professional references, with the following details about the references: (a) name, (b) position, (c) company, (d) phone number, (e) email address, and (f) city, state, country.

f. Compensation rate per day, level of effort (i.e., number of billable days), and total cost.

g. Relationship disclosure

i. Describe any current or past relationships you or your organization may have with CRS.

ii. Describe any personal orfamily relationships any employee ofthe Contractor has with any employee of CRS


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