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Our upcoming Bootcamp starts on May 7, 2024 🚀

Lets build a brighter future together! 🔧🌍


We are disrupting the trillion-dollar construction industry with technology, making it possible for almost any profession to operate remotely. Our company is the only startup combining the strengths of technology and remote work to solve the challenges of residential construction.

Unlike most other products and services, hiring a contractor for a home improvement project is very far from a 1-click experience today. Ergeon aims to empower skilled local contractors with human and technology-powered services to make home improvement easy. We take a full-stack approach to create a seamless experience for homeowners, and leverage technology to scale the front & back offices of contractors.

With the belief that everyone has a right to professional growth and respect regardless of their location, we proudly have staff (aka Ergeoneers) in over 40 of countries, with a great score... and recommendation rating on Glassdoor.

Ergeon: [er - g- eon]

Erg = unit of work or energy

Eon = billion years

Ergeon is founded by CS Ph.D. serial entrepreneurs Jiayue (Jenny) He and Odysseas Tstatalos. They picked this name to symbolize their joint passion for using tech to revolutionize work.


The role of Senior Sales Expert at Ergeon involves being the primary point of contact for potential customers interested in our home improvement services. In addition to guiding leads through the sales process, the role includes coaching and mentoring trainees and Sales Representatives, providing support to the team by addressing inquiries and sharing effective strategies. The position requires experienced individuals with excellent communication skills and product knowledge, who are proactive, organized, and customer-focused. We seek to provide an exceptional customer experience and invite candidates to join a dynamic team with growth opportunities and attractive benefits. The role includes refining sales processes, supporting team members, and potentially advancing to managerial positions as the company expands.


As a Senior Sales Expert at Ergeon a typical day will include the following:
• Managing open deals (leads).
• Communicating with leads via inbound calls, emails, and text messages.
• Making outbound calls to qualify new customers.
• Handling leads from qualification, to quoted and closed stages through single touch point interactions (end-to-end sales cycle). When not possible, you will need to set the appropriate follow-up activities.
• Managing your customer pipeline through the usage of CRMs and other various tools.
• Sending quotes, clarifying questions, and closing deals to drive the Company’s revenue.


Must have
• 3+ years of advanced experience in B2C and/or B2B Sales
• Proficiency and fluency in English (business etiquette).
• Strong communication, customer rapport-building, and closing skills.
• Ability to master new products and concepts quickly.
• Proven track record of end-to-end pipeline management and achieving monthly revenue targets.
• Ability to define and refine new sales processes.
• Attention to detail, organization, and prioritization skills.
• Time management and discipline.
• Sense of urgency and multitasking skills.
• Being able to handle high work volume efficiently.
• Proven track record of closing deals, metric compliance, and proficiency in multi-stage end-to-end sales cycles.
• Ability to work under pressure and dynamic target environments.
• Experience using CRM, pipeline management, or productivity tools like Pipedrive, Talkdesk, or Front among others.
• Proficiency in pipeline management.
• Previous full-time remote work experience.

Nice to have
• Sales experience in general labor or construction industry.
• Sales leadership and management experience.
• Cold calling experience.


Good Laptop setup with Chrome browser

Minimum of 8GB RAM

Minimum processor:
• For Intel variants of CPUs: Core i5 8000 Series (8th Gen) or higher for PC (Desktop), Core i5 10000 Series (10th Gen) or higher for laptops
• For AMD variants of CPUs: AMD Ryzen 5, 4500 (4th Gen) or higher
• For Mac variants: M1 or higher

Stable high-speed internet connection
• At least 10mbps upload and 20mbps download

• With a noise-cancelling microphone

Power backup
• 250-300W UPS

Data availability
• Ability to access up to 1.5GB of data per day during storm outages


Hourly rate US $8/hour + uncapped commissions.
• Commissions are based on a tiered model that accounts for the revenue that you bring to the company.
• A Senior Sales Expert at Ergeon can expect to be making around $27,900 USD per year (base salary + commissions and other bonuses).
• Youll be paid weekly through Upwork (www.upwork.com), the platform we choose to hire and pay our Ergeoneers all over the world.


• This is a 100% remote position, for people located in Latin America and The Caribbeans (except from Jamaica and Argentina).

• World-class, Fully Paid, Sales Training of 4 weeks including 1-1 sessions, constant mentoring, teamwork, practical use and understanding of our technical tools, and live exercises to develop abilities.
• You are going to be able to do a full immersion in the day-to-day job, enjoy our amazing company culture, make great friends, and learn a lot!
• We are completely convinced that this period allows you to decide if the job and the company are your perfect match, and it also helps us to know you better.

• The position is full-time, based on a 40-hour work week.
• Availability Monday through Sunday from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM PST/CST/EST.
• The expectation is to cover at least 40 scheduled hours that fall on any of the days mentioned above.
• Most commonly this will mean working 4 days of the week + 1 weekend day.


💰 Competitive compensation: We invest in people! We are constantly doing worldwide market research to offer globally competitive salaries. And we are well-funded by VCs.

🌎 All-Remote since the beginning: We have a diverse team spread across 40+ countries. We stay connected through the best remote work practices such as flexible work hours, team events, remote happy hours, and by sharing our love of food!

🖥️ 🧘♀️ 📚 Tech, Wellness & Learning fund: You can have a $400USD bonus per year for software and hardware tools, workplace improvements, fitness-related spending (includes things like yoga classes, Fitbit tracker, new running shoes, gym membership. . .), and books, courses, training, or even attending conferences.

🚀 Stock options: All staff is eligible after 6 months of full-time work.

🎂 Birthday Paid day off: You can take the exact day, or the Friday before if it is on a weekend!

🏖️ Flexible Paid time off: You can take 12 days after working 6 months, PLUS 2 extra days per year for a maximum of 20 days.

🎧 Free Headset Benefit: You can get a noise-canceling headset from your first day working full-time.

💻 Equipment: Laptop replacement after 1 year of full-time work. And every 3 years after that.

👩🏼💻 🧑🏿💻 👨🏾💻 Co-Working Fund: Meet in groups of 3+ Ergeon friends and get reimbursed up to USD $20 for coffee, co-working, etc (once per quarter).

👩🏻🏫 Language Classes: here at Ergeon you will have the opportunity to learn or improve a language!

🏥 Remote Health: Subsidized Health Insurance is available to all of our staff, no matter where they’re located.

We believe everyone has a right to professional growth and respect, no matter their location.

Ergeon’s workforce is given meaningful opportunities and is supported by a kind and diverse community.

Our global staff (Ergeoneers) have access to career growth, amazing work culture, and great benefits.

Come join us to transform the construction industry
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