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Job Description & Requirements

Job Description
• Upkeep and preparation of resources for lessons in school, eg the Science

Room, Mathematics Room and Tinkering Corner.

- Maintain and upkeep teaching and learning resources (excluding IT

equipment) in Science Room, Mathematics Room and Thinkering


- Ensure that the materials and resources in each room are properly

kept, maintained and available for use when it is required. The

examples of the teaching and learning materials are books,

expendables, specimens for Science Lab, manipulatives for Math


- Be responsible for the general décor, safety and cleanliness of the

Science Lab, Mathematics Room and Tinkering Corner.

- Be familiar with and advise teachers and students on the range of

resources available in the Science rooms, Mathematics Room and

Tinkering Corner; their location and how to use them.

- Keep and maintain records of loans/ drawing out of equipment and

materials (excluding IT equipment), and if... applicable, collect them

to return it to the respective rooms.

- Keep a record of damages/faulty equipment/breakages of

equipment, materials and resources.

- Keep a record of when the resources/equipment has been

serviced/requires servicing.
• Assist in School’s Programmes

- Prepare for and assist in the conduct of lessons and practical tests

(e.g. Science Practical Tests), if required.

- Support the school’s hydroponics and gardening programmes,

including the maintenance of plants, the purchase of gardening

materials, and the assisting of teachers during students’ gardening


- Support learning events in schools, including but not limited to

Learning Quest, supplementary lessons and enrichment

• Safety in venues of activities e.g Science Room, Mathematics Room &

Tinkering Corner

- Play a part in maintaining the general safety of the rooms

assigned. This includes and is not limited to the following:

▪ Ensure that room equipment complies with regulations in

the Safety Handbook E.g. In the Science Room, equipment

must comply with Science Safety Handbook in labelling of

chemicals, storage of flammable materials

▪ Be familiar with the Standard Operating Procedures in the

event of any emergency.

- Be involved in safety audits
• Stock Taking

- Conduct twice-yearly stocktakes of resources in the rooms

assigned, including books, expendables, dataloggers,

microscopes, apparatus, displays, specimens, models and

manipulatives in Science Room, Mathematics Room & Tinkering


- Maintain a record of stocks available in the respective rooms.

- Identify equipment to be condemned/ made redundant (if

• Others

Perform any other duties as directed by School Leaders and Head of



GCE ‘N’ Levels
• Office skills e.g. word processing, use of Microsoft Excel

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $1,800.00 - $2,000.00 per month

Work Location: In person


Apply - Teacher Assistant (Toa Payoh) School Singapore