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Consultant starting pay and seniority subject to experience in speciality.

Accredited GMP starting pay and seniority subject to experience.

Depending on your specialisation and Service need, there may be potential to gain a £50,000 Golden Hello.

A doctor in the RAF is known internally as a Medical Officer and you will deliver a high standard of care, sometimes under challenging conditions. You will play a vital role in keeping our personnel fit and medically prepared for operational roles.

The RAF Medical Services are currently recruiting the following specialisations: General Practitioners, Trauma and Orthopaedic Consultants, and Psychiatrists.

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What will you do?

RAF Medical Officers play a vital role in keeping our personnel fit and medically prepared for their operational... role, at home and when deployed. All RAF Medical Officers receive basic training in aviation medicine and have the opportunity to train further to provide specialist medical support to the RAF and the UK Armed Forces, including Aeromedical Evacuation. Typical responsibilities include:
• Medical duties in field hospitals
• General Practitioner duties in RAF medical centres
• Specialist activities in NHS medical units

Minimum Education Requirements
• Be fully registered with the General Medical Council.
• Sponsorship is available for the final three years of study in a UK Medical School.

• Be aged 21 - 53 (Must attest before 54th birthday)
• Be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, holder of dual UK/other nationality or have been a Commonwealth citizen since birth (with ‘right to work’ immigration status)
• Commit to a Preliminary Commission of 6 years service
• Meet the health and fitness criteria
• Pass a Fitness test - Details below
• Complete and submit this CV form prior to application.
• Current Priority: General Practitioner

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At any level or position your personal success is vital to make us succeed too. We are dedicated to your future, as it is essential to ours. You will receive basic and specialist training in your field and we even provide the option to pay for your education. The experience you gain with the RAF will equip you to work at the top of your field, both in the UK and overseas.


Phase one training

Initial Officer Training

12 weeks

RAF Cranwell

Like all our Specialist Branch officers, you will begin your RAF career on the Specialist Officer Initial Training Course (SOITC) at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire.
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Phase two training

Specialist training


As assigned

The next step is a Specialist training course that will give you a breadth of skills and knowledge across the full range of duties you may be employed in.
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General duties tour

Ongoing development


As assigned

As with all new officers, you will probably move jobs every 2 or 3 years, and each job is known as a tour.
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Career prospects

Ongoing development


As assigned

The RAF offers a structured career path that mirrors the challenges and responsibilities of a civilian medical career.
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Ongoing development

Ongoing training


As assigned

The Royal Air Force is a strong advocate of continuous professional development and as a Medical Officer, you will have extensive opportunities throughout your career.
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Transferable skills

Ongoing development


As assigned

As a Medical Officer in the RAF, you will have similar professional promotion and development opportunities to your civilian counterparts.
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Please view our Medical Sponsorship page. This is only available for Regular applicants.

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Thanks to subsidised food, travel, accommodation and free gym you get more money in your pocket.

Subsidised Accommodation

Free gym

Subsidised food

Health care

World travel


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Joining the RAF takes several steps. Below is an overview of the process. The purpose of this process is for us to gauge whether you’re the right person for the RAF and for you to show us all of your skills and experiences that have made you who you are.


Filter interview

Stage 1 of 7

Selection interviews help us get to know you a little better – and vice versa. You’ll get to show your skills and experience, and we’ll answer any questions you have about joining the RAF.

The first of these interviews happens online and covers the following topics:
• Family life
• Education
• Work experience
• Special interests or hobbies
• Interest in the RAF


Health Assessment

Stage 2 of 7

You’re legally required to meet certain medical standards, and must pass an occupational health assessment to show you’re fit for military duty. As part of this assessment we will check your overall health, focusing on areas like hearing, eyesight and body mass index.

We’ll also investigate any past illnesses and screen for health issues that may prevent you from carrying out your role. View details below for more information about the health standards you’ll need to meet.


Fitness Test

Stage 3 of 7

A good level of fitness is critical to joining the RAF, it’s also something that must be maintained throughout your career. You’ll need to complete a Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFC). This will take place at a local gym near to you, and includes a 2.4km run, push up test and a sit-up test.

The performance level you’ll need to meet differs by age and gender. Please refer to the entry requirements below for more information about the health standards you’ll need to meet. You can also find help, and a training plan, to assist you in your preparation here.



Stage 4 of 7

This will be your second visit to the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre. OASC lasts one day, but you will arrive the day before. During this time the officers will be assessing your leadership, teamwork, communication, motivation, and problem solving.

The day will end with an interview. The first half of the interview covers your achievements at school and college, in sports, your community, at work, and as a cadet, scout or guide.

The second half explores your motivation for joining the RAF – what you know about current affairs and the RAF’s role in the national and international arena, current operations the RAF is involved in and your knowledge about the RAF and the role you've applied for.



Stage 5 of 7

Once you’ve successfully completed each phase of the application process you’ll be invited to a provisional offer of service interview at your nearest AFCO.

This is to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of service in the RAF, are fully committed to joining, and prepared to commence training.


Familiarisation visit

Stage 6 of 7

This takes place over 2 days and is designed to give you an insight into officer training. You’ll be issued with your initial kit, including your boots, attend lectures, and also repeat the fitness test taken at OASC.



Stage 7 of 7

(M)IOT and officer staff training

The Modular Initial Officer Training Course (MIOTC) has been designed to set commissioning officers up for their career in the RAF with the right skills and knowledge. This training will provide a solid platform for your continued development.

Visit our Cranwell training page for more information about (M)IOT and the rest of officer training.



Minimum Age: When completed professional/education qualifications.

Maximum Age: Candidates can be accepted up to age 54 if you are already fully accredited. If you require professional training this age will be lowered to take account of your exact training requirements. Must have entered SOITC by 54th birthday.

Applicants must also read all of the sections below and make sure they meet all entry requirements before submitting an application.


Direct entrants must be fully registered with the General Medical Council. Sponsorship is available for the final three years of study in a UK Medical School.






If you don’t have any of the above, you might still be able to apply. For more information please contact us.



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